Epson Stylus® Pro GS6000

Please read the notes at the bottom of this page for important points about use of this Cost Estimator.

Your Costs
Printer Price
Monthly Lease Payment
Average Selling Price
(per sq. ft.)
Waste Percentage
Media Cost (per sq. ft.)
Ink Cost (per ml.)
Operator Labor Rate
(rate per hour)
Electricity Cost (per KWH)
(see your electric bill)
Other Values
Watts consumed 2,400
Estimated Revenue
Total printed media (sq. ft.)
Sellable output (sq. ft.)
Monthly Gross Revenue
Estimated Overhead and Materials Cost
Ink cost
Media consumption cost
Electricity cost
Monthly labor cost
Labor rate
Total production hours
Lease payment
Total Costs
Estimated Monthly Profit

Estimated Monthly Profit
Estimated Months Until Breakeven


  1. "Ink cost" assumes 1.5 ml of ink used per sq. ft., and cartridge cost at MSRP. It is only an estimate. Actual ink costs vary considerably depending on such factors as software used, images printed, print settings, paper types, frequency of use, temperature, variations in printer performance, and variations in user preferences and practices.
  2. "Breakeven" is the number of months before the cost of the printer hardware is estimated to be recouped by gross revenues.
  3. This Cost Estimator is provided by Epson as a simple tool for obtaining a rough estimate of the costs and revenues that are possible with use of the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer. Epson does not warrant accuracy.
  4. Does not include Rent, Sales and Marketing, or other Miscellaneous Expenses.