Testimonials P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

"It is a fantastic tool that all professionals need for downloading & reviewing images, and as a backup tool after downloading images to your laptopů
I shot a picture of a bird and wasn't quite sure what it was. I blew it up on the P2000 viewer and was able to figure it out. It was fantastic and the people with me were blown away."

- George Lepp
"Absolutely everyone that has seen the P-2000 wants to buy one. Last night, a friend wanted to review his images so I put his compact flash card in the P-2000, set it on "Slide Show" and propped it against a ketchup bottle and did a small critique of his work in an Alamogordo restaurant. It's like having your own miniature digital projector."

- Bruce Dale
"The screen on the P-2000 is amazing. I've always said that prints will always be around for snapshots, because people want to pull a photo out of their wallet or purse to show loved ones, family members, and special memories. It would be hard to pull a computer out of your pocket. But the P-2000 seems to do just that. It's like having an album full of images to pass around. And an album of images I just shot!."

- Jack Reznicki