Photo Fine Technology

Epson Photo Fine Photo Fine LCD Technology

Exclusive Epson Photo Fine LCD technology lets you view crystal clear images on screen with unbeatable clarity, color, and brightness ensuring each image remains true to the original with:

  • Brilliant, lifelike picture quality, more colors displayed for richer color saturation
  • Clear, razor sharp detail for viewing subleties in images
  • Outstanding Image Brightness for composing, focusing and viewing images

Experience the new standard for viewing through your LCD display with Photo Fine LCD Technology.

Epson's Photo Fine LCD technology gives Epson LCDs outstanding image brightness, better detail, and brilliant colors. This technology was created by Epson to enhance the capture and viewing of still and moving digital images. With Photo Fine, the digital camera user can clearly view, focus, and frame images through the LCD. As a world-wide leader in LCD manufacturing, Epson has developed an innovative technology, Photo Fine, to meet the needs of the digital enthusiast.

Enhanced detail: Increased Pixel Density


Epson Photo Fine Display Typical LCD Display

Photo Fine uses Micromechantronics, an ultra fine high precision manufacturing process, to place more image pixels per inch. Our photo fine devices have 212-256 ppi resulting in increased resolution producing smoother gradation and less jagged edges.

Epson Photo Fine Display

Typical LCD Display


Brilliant Colors: More Colors Per Pixel


Brilliant Colors

Photo Fine LCDs embeds three colors (red, green and blue) per each pixel, capable of displaying up to 262,144 colors. Typical displays for handheld portable products, display only one color per pixel. With Photo Fine, the end result is viewing more brilliant colors that reveal subtleties that are not normally viewed in these type of LCD devices.

Three colors (red, green and blue) embedded per each image pixel

Each pixel can display RGB image with a grayscale of 64, equivalent to 2000 dpi printer

Outstanding Image Brightness: Brighter Displays


Previous Epson aperture

Epson Photo Fine aperture

Outstanding Image Brightness

Photo fine LCDs are up to 20% brighter. This is achieved through the increased aperature of the LCD base by reducing the integrated circuits and wiring width embedded in the displays.

Aperture size increased 20%