Epson Photo Fine® Premia Technology

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Epson Photo Fine Photo Fine Premia LCD Technology

Experience a screen worthy of your photos

Photo Fine Premia technology, exclusively from Epson, makes it possible to view your images with unsurpassed clarity and stunning detail. Using an innovative 4-color filter system, this powerful technology ensures superior color reproduction far better than that of a conventional LCD.

Experience a screen worthy of your photos

Quality you have to see to believe

  • Embeds four color elements (Blue Red, Emerald Green, Yellow Green) within one imaging pixel delivering far greater dynamic range
  • Encompasses an amazing 94% of the Adobe RGB color gamut for superior color reproduction
  • Displays approximately 16,777,216 colors in 640 x 480 resolution
  • Allows you to zoom both RAW and JPEG file formats, making it easy to view fine details, verifying focus, lighting and composition
  • Features high pixel density resulting in smoother gradations and better color transitions