Advanced Connect Mode



In Advanced Connect Mode, your computer transmits data to your wireless network router via a wireless access point. Your data is then transmitted from the network router to the projector either: a) through an Ethernet cable via a built-in RJ45 jack or an optional plug-in Ethernet module installed in the projector, or b) wirelessly via a wireless access point. This offers you greater flexibility by letting you choose the setup method that's best for your environment.

  • Using Epson's EasyMP software is recommended for fixed usage environments such as classrooms, auditoriums and lecture halls with wireless access point or existing Ethernet cabling.
  • Epson NS Connection utility automatically seeks out networked projector(s) for easy connections.
  • Connection to a server allows access to a wider range of presentation materials, including Internet access while connected to the network.
  • Presenters can connect to any projector on the network and present from one location to an audience in another location, across town or across the globe.
  • Can present to up to four projectors anywhere on the network simultaneously.
    • Good for collaboration, video conferencing or large venues with more than one screen.
    • Training seminars can be conducted in multiple locations from one operation point.
    • Promotional signage can be projected to multiple projectors in multiple locations.
  • Epson EasyManagement technology simplifies projector management with centralized monitoring, control and troubleshooting of any Epson projector on the network through a browser via an IP address*

Tech Specs

  • 802.11b/g/a wireless connectivity*
  • Up to 54 Mbps transfer rate
  • Wireless transfer speeds of up to 30 frames per second in movie sending mode on a PC with MPEG2 files*
  • Range: Up to 150 feet from computer
  • Compatible with WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP, EAP-TLS, PEAP, LEAP and EAP Fast security protocols*
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC networks

†Quick Connect is available only on the Epson PowerLite 1705c and Epson PowerLite 1715c. Not all wireless features are available on all Epson projector models. Please check the model features and specifications for full details.

*Varies depending upon projector model.