How Epson Wireless Projectors Work

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Epson wireless projectors feature an included 802.11a (varies on model) b/g wireless PCMCIA card or module that allows then to communicate cable-free to any wireless-enabled laptop (Mac or PC) or tablet PC up to 150 feet away.


With exclusive Epson innovations and the 802.11b/g/a wireless protocol, you can project the computer screen, documents, PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations in real-time — so what you see on the computer will match what is projected.


Epson's own algorithm delivers fast file transfer speeds and frame rates for faster, smoother animation and transitions between slides. It also supports a variety of streaming media, including MPEGs.

Connecting to wireless projectors is easy. In Quick Connect† (Ad Hoc/Peer-to-Peer) Mode, the Epson NS connection utility automatically searches for and connects to the last used projector. In Advanced Mode, the utility seeks out all projectors on your wireless network and you simply select the projector you want to use from the connection screen.


Robust security features safeguard the display screen, ensure uninterrupted presentations and protect sensitive content from prying eyes with the latest data encryption protocols.

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Our unique implementation of wireless capabilities offers great setup and connection flexibility for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. No matter what type of network infrastructure you currently have (or don't have), or what challenges you face, we've got a way for you to go wireless quickly, easily and cost-effectively. To the right are diagrams of two basic wireless connection methods. Click on a diagram to learn more.

†Quick Connect is available only on the Epson PowerLite 1705c and Epson PowerLite 1715c. Not all wireless features are available on all Epson projector models. Please check the model features and specifications for full details.

*Varies depending upon projector model.