PictureMate Print Pack Satisfaction Guarantee

How many photos will I get from a PictureMate Print Pack?

Epson has conveniently packaged the PictureMate Photo Cartridge with a quantity of 4x6 PictureMate Photo Paper, so that purchasing supplies for PictureMate is simple and saves time. (The number of sheets of photo paper in your PictureMate Print Pack is stated on the print pack's box.) The ink cartridge in the Print Pack contains enough ink to allow borderless, color printing of about the number of sheets of photo paper in the Print Pack. The PictureMate Print Pack provides both supplies together, so replacing both the PictureMate Photo Cartridge and paper with a new PictureMate Print Pack is convenient and affordable.

The printed photo quantity estimate from the PictureMate Print Pack is based on test printing with a range of 20 different color photos. Actual yields will vary based on types of photos printed, images, and frequency of use. For example, printing many copies of the same photo, or printing many black and white or sepia photos, may result in fewer photos per PictureMate Photo Cartridge. Also, the PictureMate Photo Cartridge once installed should be replaced with a new one within 6 months of installation.

You may be able to print more photos with a PictureMate Photo Cartridge than the number of sheets of photo paper in your PictureMate Print Pack. In this case the cartridge monitor indicates the cartridge can still be used. You can continue printing with paper from another PictureMate Print Pack or Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper in the 4x6 borderless size which is available from many resellers or Epsonstore.com. There are other photo papers available but most are not formulated to be fully compatible with the PictureMate Photo Cartridge. Using other papers may result in poor color reproduction, print quality problems or more fading.

PictureMate Print Pack Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are dissatisfied because you receive fewer prints than the number of sheets of paper included in your PictureMate Print Pack, you can return the remaining sheets of PictureMate photo paper with the dated sales receipt and UPC code from the PictureMate Print Pack packaging within one year of purchase and Epson will give you a pro-rated refund for the number of sheets returned, plus a maximum of $1.10 for postage. The maximum refund depends on the number of sheets that were included in your PictureMate Print Pack, and the Print Pack's suggested retail price. For example, if your Print Pack contained 100 sheets, Epson will refund a maximum of 35 cents per sheet returned (based on the suggested retail price of $34.99 for the 100-sheet matte print pack). This Satisfaction Guarantee is a prorated refund that covers only end-user claims in the U.S. and Canada. It does not cover use of any non-Epson ink or paper, commercial use of the printer or paper consumed by proofs or printing errors.

Please follow the following refund procedure:

1) Print out the PictureMate Print Pack Satisfaction Guarantee Form, found on this web page, or request this form to be mailed to you by calling (562) 276-1347 for U.S.A. and Puerto Rico or (905) 709-8676 for Canadian residents.

2) Send the following items to:

PictureMate Print Pack Satisfaction Guarantee
P.O. Box 49393 (EP763)
Strongsville, OH 44149-0393
Customer claim status inquiry: 800-277-6187.
a) Fully completed PictureMate Print Pack Satisfaction Guarantee Form
b) Original UPC code of PictureMate Print Pack
c) Copy of PictureMate Print Pack receipt
d) Remaining PictureMate Print Pack paper from the original PictureMate Print Pack.