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Party Masks
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Project #1: Mask Mania

Now you can add extra fun to your next party! Dazzle your guests with printed and customized masquerade masks...then watch the festivities begin! A kid's birthday party can be transformed into a "Zoo Review" - have the kids put on a musical skit wearing their colorful animal masks. Decorating the masks will only be half the fun! Scan in a photo of the family pet and see what Dad says about dogs eating at the dinner table. Design your own masks and watch Epson Matte Paper Heavyweight, Epson Double-Sided Matte Paper bring them to life. With Epson, unmasking your creativity has a new meaning!

Please select the appropriate file (located on the left) to download. These are self-extracting archives that contain the templates needed for this project. Simply save the file to your desktop and double-click to open.

If you are experiencing trouble using the project templates due to questions involving your word processor, please contact your software provider. Epson cannot respond to word processing questions.

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