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Superbowl Blue Photo Mattes
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Project #120: Super Bowl Photo Mattes

Here's a fun idea that will surely be a hit with all of your favorite fans. Give everyone who attends your Super Bowl party a souvenir they'll enjoy for years. Print a stack of colorful, Super Bowl-themed photo mattes. The templates for this project are provided here for free. At the party, take candid snapshots of all your friends. Print your favorite 4x6" photos while the game is still going on. As everyone leaves, hand each person a photo adhered to one of the photo mattes. Their souvenirs will be ready to pop into a frame. Click to the left on 'see more' under the photo, to see the bigger photo which shows a variety of additional projects you can make for this year's Super Bowl. If you'd like to make scrapbook pages to commemorate this year's Super Bowl party, go to Project #118. If you'd like to make your own Super Bowl party invitations, go to Project #119. You won't have to wonder why you'll be expected to host next year's event!

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