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Team List & Basketball Embellisment
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Team Lists (6 small)
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Water Bottle Labels
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Basketball Photo Matte
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Trading Cards (6 small)
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Project #206: Basketball-Themed Photo Matte, Water Bottle Label, Trading Cards & Team List

Boost spirit and support the team by creating personalized water bottles, photo mattes, trading cards and even a team list using the team name or logo. Players, coaches and parents alike will appreciate having such fun and useful things to support the team effort and when combined with photos, make great gifts and end of season awards. Download the templates and PDF instructions for complete directions. Create a basketball-themed scrapbook spread and matching patterned pages with Project #205. For other fun team support items check out Project #207. Project #208 and #209 shows you how to make a beautiful Storyteller® Photo Book with your favorite basketball photos.
MAC USERS: If you are unable to open the downloaded Mac files:

Check your Applications folder on your hard drive for StuffIt Expander™. If you have this application, use it to open the downloaded, compressed file.

If you do not have this application, then go to: http://www.stuffit.com/

Click on the link for the FREE StuffIt Expander Download, and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the software. Then proceed to use StuffIt Expander it to open the downloaded, compressed file.

Please select the appropriate file (located on the left) to download. These are self-extracting archives that contain the templates needed for this project. Simply save the file to your desktop and double-click to open.

If you are experiencing trouble using the project templates due to questions involving your word processor, please contact your software provider. Epson cannot respond to word processing questions.

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