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Princess Party Square Photo Matte
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Princess Party Bingo Cards & Game Pieces
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Princess Party Coordinating Clipart for Bingo Cards
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Project #171: Princess Party Photo Matte and Bingo Game

Personalize a princess-themed photo matte with the birthday girl’s name and date of the party, and use your digital camera to shoot a photo of each guest. Print the photos with your PictureMate® Personal Photo Lab, mount to the matte and give to each little princess at the party. Bingo is a great party game and is even more exciting when the card is a castle and the markers are jewels. Download the PDF instructions for complete directions and templates. For a memorable scrapbook layout and patterned pages to showcase the enchanted event, go to Project #168. Check out Project #169 for invitations and thank you cards and Project #170 for fun party favors.

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