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Back-to-School Binder Cover, Binder Spine Labels
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Back-to-School "Student of the Week" Certificate Hanger
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Back-to-School Desk Name Tags
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Project #266: Back-to-School Certificate, Desk Name Tags & Schoolwork Keeper

Teachers and parents alike will appreciate these very helpful tools to help kids organize their schoolwork and desk, as well as reward them for their success. Colorful nametags for the desk can be made flat or as a folding tent card, and would be great for Open House night. A personalized schoolwork keeper will ensure that homework and handouts make it home safely. When a student reaches a goal or does well on an assignment, create a personalized certificate with their photo and special message to inspire them. Download templates and complete PDF instructions FREE here at Check out Project # 264 for a school-themed scrapbook spread and patterned pages that can also be used for book covers and Project #265 for personalized school accessories.

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