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Project #291: CreativeZone Holiday Craft Contest Scrapbook Page Winners and Finalists

Make the holidays truly memorable with these creative and unique scrapbook page ideas from CreativeZone Holiday Craft Contest winners and finalists. Personalize with your own holiday photos and journaling to make a special scrapbook page to cherish your holiday memories for years to come.

Each scrapbook page was created using patterned pages from the CreativeZone site, which you can download FREE here, at Refer to the PDF instructions (located on the left) to see the supply lists and complete directions for creating each of the featured scrapbook pages. And, make sure to check out Project #289 to see the holiday card contest winners and finalists, and Project #290 to see the paper craft contest winners and finalists.

This project includes the following scrapbook page winners and finalists:
FIRST PRIZE: Vanessa Reyes’ “Believe in the Magic” Scrapbook Page
SECOND PRIZE: Theresa Brennan’s “Dear Santa” Scrapbook Page
FINALIST: Connie Hart’s “Christmas Joy” Scrapbook Page
FINALIST: Lisa Hoel’s “Family Tradition” Scrapbook Page
FINALIST: Mary Jean LeClair’s “Is that you Santa Claus?” Scrapbook Page

Please select the appropriate file (located on the left) to download. These are self-extracting archives that contain the templates needed for this project. Simply save the file to your desktop and double-click to open.

If you are experiencing trouble using the project templates due to questions involving your word processor, please contact your software provider. Epson cannot respond to word processing questions.

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