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Halloween Party Cupcake Toppers

Project #368002: Halloween Party Cupcake Toppers

These Halloween Party cupcake toppers are the perfect accent for your tasty treats, and will brighten up your party food table! Easy to make!
Supplies Needed: Toothpicks, Glue, 2.5" Round Circle Punch (or scissors).
Step 1: Punch or cut each each circle out.
Step 2:Apply glue to the back side of a circle.
Step 3:Place a toothpick down on the glue leaving half of it extends outside of the circle.
Step 4:Place the 2nd circle on top of the toothpick, sandwiching it in-between the two circles, and allow to dry.
Step: 5:Embellish with ribbon, or leave as-is. Poke the toothpick into the top of a cupcake, and voila! Party Time!

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