DisplayTrans™ Backlight Media

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DisplayTrans™ Backlight Media

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Basis Weight 210 g/m2
Thickness 7.5 mil
Base Material 100% polyester
Surface Finish Matte
Core Size 2"
Spindle 2"
Required temperature for optimum performance 68° to 77 °F
20° to 25 °C
Required humidity for optimum performance 40 — 60%

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DisplayTrans Backlight Media
  S045116   24" x 100' 1 roll  
DisplayTrans Backlight Media
  S045117   36" x 100' 1 roll  
DisplayTrans Backlight Media
  S045118   44" x 100' 1 roll  
DisplayTrans Backlight Media
  S045119   60" x 100' 1 roll  
Since all dyes, pigments and paper changes over time, Epson America, Inc. does not warrant this product against color changes and fading. Epson America’s liability for any defects in manufacturing and packaging is limited to the replacement cost of the product. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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