High Security Projector Ceiling Mount

High Security Projector Ceiling Mount


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    For maximum security and flexibility

    With a two-piece tray and unique key lock, this mount provides the highest level of safety and security. Designed with a sleek, low profile, it fits perfectly in practically any environment.

    • Fits all Epson business projectors1
    • Unique, pick-resistant, five-wafer, screw-type key lock
    • Two interlocking steel trays provide access and stability to the projector during installation
    • Simple ball-and-socket design makes it easy to achieve precise registration without using any tools
    • Quick and easy cable management
    • Comes fully assembled and ready to be installed to any 1.5" pipe

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions: 14.4" x 10.9" x 4.9" (W x D x H)
    Weight: 7.9 lb
    Color: White
    Tilt: 20, Roll: 10, Swivel: 360

    Epson projector mount brochure

    1 Excluding PowerLite 1810p, 1825, Pro G5150NL, G5200WNL, G5350NL

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