Belkin PureAV HDMI Audio Video Cable, 3ft

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Belkin PureAV HDMI Audio Video Cable, 3ft


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    High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), enables delivery of both high-definition video and multichannel, digital audio through just one cable. It offers an ideal way to connect digital displays such as HDTVs, plasma displays, DLP TVs, LCD TVs, and projectors. HDMI interface also provides an all-digital connection between such source devices as HDTVs, DVD players/recorders, digital cable/satellite boxes, and AV receivers.


    • Gold-plated connectors, Molded, Solid
    • Video / Audio cable
    • 19 pin HDMI Type A (Male)
    • 19 pin HDMI Type A (Male)
    • Triple shielded twisted pair
    • Copper center conductor

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