EFI Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 Software RIP

This product is discontinued

Features & Benefits

Fully Configurable Windows 2000 Professional Software RIP
  • Windows 2000 Professional software RIP designed to take full advantage of the newest Intel processors and Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional OS
  • Converts any networked Intel Pentium III or 4 computer with IEEE 1394 FireWire and Windows 2000 Professional into a dedicated Fiery Spark RIP Server for the Epson Stylus Pro 10000 or Epson Stylus Pro 10600 print engines
  • Allows for high performance multitasking of Spool, RIP, and Print functions
  • When configured with a monitor, you get real-time RIP information and job management through EFI Fiery's Command Workstation 4 user interface
True Adobe PostScript 3
  • Industry standard Page Description Language
  • Industry standard font and text-line-paragraph handling
  • Fully PDF workflow ready
Epson AcuPhoto Halftoning Technology
  • Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 supports Epson's newest Halftoning Technologies
  • Full support for Epson High Quality Halftoning
Overprint and Trapping Previews
  • Full support for a CMYK (4-Color Only) Separated PostScript Workflow
  • Depending upon the application, output can be printed showing all trapping and overprint information for easy identification of trapping and overprinting problems
  • Separated PostScript workflows now take complete advantage of Fiery's latest color management systems exactly like traditional composite PostScript printing
Spot On Color Matching System
  • New Fiery Spot On utility creates, edits and manages all named spot colors on the Fiery Server including PANTONE Coated, Uncoated and custom created spot colors
  • The Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP is a fully Pantone Calibrated Spot Color Matching System designed by EFI
  • Automatically converts any named spot color from any application into the correct printer color space for more accurate spot color matching - even in PDF files!
  • User does not need to replace any spot color table software within application. Simply define the PANTONE and spot colors as normal and print. The RIP will take care of the rest!
  • Provides an intuitive way to modify spot color values to achieve desired results
Optional Epson Color Calibrator 3.1
  • Hardware colorimeter and system software for Printer-to-RIP color calibration
  • Great for color calibrating multiple printers to the same color space
  • Recalibrates all the built-in printer and media ICCs to a high degree of accuracy
  • Allows for the improved color proofing without having to custom profile
  • Epson Product Number C850081
  • Upgrade to software version 3.1 by free download from Epson website
EFI ColorWise Pro Tools 3
  • Fully adjustable CMYK color control, including dot gain adjustments for more precise hardware color calibration and "tweaking"
  • Accepts both CMYK and RGB ICC profiles as direct simulations within the RIP
  • Fully ICC and Apple ColorSync Compatible
Fiery Visual Nesting
  • User can choose to nest jobs manually or automatically
  • Easy-to-use visual thumbnails of each file for simple layout creations
  • For automatic nesting, user can define the maximum amount of media to be used
  • Also allows for automatic rotation of files to maximize media usage
Fiery Visual Tiling
  • Complete flexibility to automatically or manually tile the print jobs well beyond the size of the printers' printable width
  • Users can control the amount of overlap and gap on the X and Y-axis, the number or rows and columns, the width of the rows and height of the column
  • Users can print just the guide markers or individual tiles, rather than the entire image
Fully Configurable Hot Folders
  • Macintosh and Windows users can transform normal folder icons into 'Hot Folders' that will automatically apply a pre-defined set of PPD settings to job files placed into them
  • Hot Folders can be created against any Fiery 'chooser' print queue - Hold, Direct or Print
  • Hot Folders support PostScript (.PS) and PDF file formats only
Professional Level Fiery Command Workstation 4 User Interface
  • Real-time RIP, printer, and job information and management
  • Complete job prioritization and print previewing
  • Powerful job override (PPD Selections) feature allowing user to re-print a job using different PPD settings. Perfect for printing PS or PDF files that were created for a different output device
  • Quick access to Fiery Downloader and ColorWise Pro Tools 3
  • Job Balancing between multiple Fiery RIP workstations
  • Activity Monitor displays a summary of activity occurring on a selected Fiery Server
Fully Macintosh and Windows Compatible
  • All client Macs can print directly to the Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP through the standard Apple Chooser or via Fully Configurable Hot Folders shared on your desktop!
  • Full support for Mac OS X v10.2 or later! Print natively through the Mac OS 10.2 Print Center for complete Mac OS X v10.2 support
  • All client PCs running Windows 98, Me, NT, or 2000 print directly to the Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP through the standard Windows TCP/IP connection or via Fully Configurable Hot Folders shared on your desktop!
  • Windows NT and 2000 users can print via AppleTalk or TCP/IP if needed
  • Supports printing directly through the standard AdobePS driver 8.7.x or later
High Performance Network Connectivity
  • Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP connects to either the Epson Stylus Pro 10000 or 10600 via the IEEE 1394 FireWire port, off-loading print data from the main network
  • Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP connects to the company network via the built-in 10/100 or 1000 BaseT Ethernet connection on the Windows 2000 Professional RIP computer
Takes Full Advantage of Epson's Complete Line of Professional Media
  • Using Genuine Epson Media allows for highest level of print quality possible from your Epson Printer
  • Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 comes with all Epson Media pre-profiled for great out-of-box color matching
  • All Genuine Epson Media profiles are also included as individual ICC files for use within other color Management Systems
Standard 1-Year Epson Preferred Warranty Program
  • Prompt answer toll-free phone support with personal PIN I.D. (same as printer I.D.)
  • Available Monday through Friday 6:00am until 8:00pm (PST)
  • Knowledgeable staff ready to take your questions
  • Next business day hardware USB Key replacement for damaged or non-functional keys