EasyMP.net Network Option

This product is discontinued

Features & Benefits

Ultra-compact Computer

Inside this small EasyMP.net unit, you'll find a CPU, RAM memory, a hard disk and Windows XP Embedded. This allows you to install Windows XP applications and to use the projector just like a computer. Network capabilities let you use the projector to swap data files.

Control from the Projector

Easy Player
  • Enjoy a variety of media, including MPEGs, RealVideos including sound and more
Easy Browser
  • Surf the Internet using a built-in browser, packed full of unique features and capabilities
Remote Desktop
  • Control a big-screen version of your computer desktop via a LAN connection
  • Uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Intelligent Timer
  • Resident file on projector to project predetermined program file at a specified time
Easy File
  • Send data files to and from your computer through the network
  • Send your presentation data ahead of time and go to the meeting or classroom without your notebook!
Easy Board/Easy Marker
  • Turn the screen into a white board that you can write on. And mark up the screens of your presentations or other images as you see fit.
  • You can also take a snapshot of any screen, automatically convert it to a data file and save it to a folder of your choice

Control from the Computer

Easy Web
  • Control multiple projectors connected to the network–each with a different router address
EMP Monitor
  • Simultaneously monitor and control all Epson networked projectors
  • Receive real-time status information and projector error detection
    • Via SNMP to alert you of issues regarding the temperature, fan and lamp
    • Via use of Epson utility to turn the projector on and off, select or change the projector's source input, see how many hours remain on your lamp life, and many other projector status functions
E-mail Alert
  • Automatic mail alerts via SMTP for low lamp life, fan adjustments, temperature increases, etc.
Network Screen
  • Project your computer screen wirelessly or wired on up to four projectors at once for a multi-screen effect, great in large auditoriums