PowerLite 835p Multimedia Projector

This product is discontinued

This product has been replaced with: PowerLite 1825 Multimedia Projector

Features & Benefits

Ultra bright 3000 ANSI lumens for presentations in any setting
  • Robust feature set that's great for the boardroom or lecture hall

Epson EasyMP™
  • Wireless presentations to project images in real-time; displayed on up to 4 projectors simultaneously!
  • 802.11g and Epson's original algorithm ensure the fastest transfer speeds for streaming MPEG2 videos and real-time PowerPoint presentations
  • Broadest security protection – WEP, WPA, and LEAP compatibility to safeguard the display screen and ensure uninterrupted presentations
Superior image quality and performance
  • Three Epson LCDs for greater color depth and color accuracy across the screen
  • XGA (1024 x 768) resolution for vibrant images with precision color and detail

Wired and wireless local networking capabilities
  • A LAN connection to remotely monitor and control projectors over the network!
  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Built-in remote access
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for easy network management and maintenance
  • E-mail notification (via SMTP) to alert network administrator(s) to issues related to temperature, fan and lamp status
  • PC-free presentations to connect a memory device and start your presentation_all without a PC
  • USB or PCMCIA connectivity to view MPEG movies and digital photos
  • Improved transfer speeds for PowerPoint animations that consistently outperform the competition
  • Broadest file format capabilities (JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG)
  • Web control over multiple network projectors, each with a different router address
Easy setup, installation, and operation
  • Power focus, plus an ultra wide 1.6x optical zoom – for the greatest positioning flexibility
  • Quick Setup function with an auto sensing feature which intuitively sets up the appropriate screen size, keystone, and focus at the touch of a button
  • Search function that automatically displays the connected input source(s), and switches instantly between them

Two ultimate solutions for high-performance presentations.

Two clearly remarkable solutions for high-performance presentations in virtually any setting, the Epson PowerLite 830p and 835p offer astounding quality and flexibility. Each model includes three Epson LCDs, which work together with 3000 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution to give you accurate color, superior color saturation, and exceptional image quality. And, each delivers great video quality as well.