PowerLite Home 20

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This product is discontinued

This product has been replaced with: PowerLite Home Cinema 700 Projector

Features & Benefits

Epson 3LCD. A better way to see.
Epson 3LCD technology utilizes one LCD panel each for red, green and blue to form a continuous image containing all colors. This produces the best possible movie experience - a more detailed and accurate picture, smoother gradation and excellent detail in dark areas.

  • 3 Chip Engine - Epson 3LCD technology provides natural color and bright, vibrant images
  • Solid State Technology - works without a moving color wheel
  • Accurate Color Registration - ensures detailed video and data images that are crisp
  • Smooth Video Playback - using three separate LCD panels allows rapid-motion video to appear smooth and free of artifacts
  • Highly Reliable - every Epson PowerLite projector undergoes strict quality control standards from design table to shipping dock to ensure the highest standard of performance

Native 480p widescreen (16:9) resolution
For enhanced definition of DVD movies, home movies, sporting events, video games and digital photos in true wide-screen format (4x3 mode available)

Up to 1200 ANSI lumens
Bright enough for inside daylight viewing or to view on a screen, or wall, large or small

Up to 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
Superior shadow detail for movies, videos, and moving images

Vertical and Horizontal Offset Lens
Extremely easy set-up in just about any area without distortion. Installed or just placed on a coffee table, the location of the image can be moved up to 50% vertically (up and down) and 25% horizontally (left and right) without moving the projector - and without any digital manipulation. This is a very useful feature that other projectors in the same class just don't have.

Works with video gaming devices, DVD players, VCRs, digital cameras, camcorders, Satellite and cable TV receivers Lightweight and portable (carrying case sold separately) Ceiling installable (mounting kit sold separately)

Short Throw Projection
So flexible, the Home 20 can project an 80" widescreen image from just 6'6" away and a 300" image from 24'.8" away

High Brightness E-TORL Lamp
The latest in optical technology, this Epson innovation concentrates the light, requires less power consumption and minimizes heat for a brighter, more reliable picture

Epson Cinema Filter
Filters red, blue, and green light and cuts the light of unwanted wavelengths. This expands color space and provides high-purity color resulting in excellent intensity and better contrast in dark scenes.

6 Optimized Pre-set Color Modes

  • Dynamic - Offers the brightest picture available
  • Living Room - Provides bright and crisp images with high contrast for well-lit environments
  • Natural - Set to provide the most natural accurate colors
  • Theatre - Suited for viewing in an almost dark environment
  • Theatre Black 1 - Reproduces images that are close to those in professional-use broadcast monitors and ideal for HD content
  • Theatre Black 2 - Recreates a film-like image with warm colors and optimized for black and white movies

Automatic Aspect Ratio
This function automatically detects the best aspect ratio for picture depending on the video signal

Advanced Discrete IR/RS-232 Controls
Epson provides discrete RS-232 control and infrared codes, for custom installers to create a system where audio and video are managed from a single control. This flexibility allows high-end automation to control external devices with greater precision and ease

Automatic Aspect Ratio Detect
This function automatically detects the best aspect ratio for picture depending on the video signal

High Altitude Mode
For use at high altitudes where air density is low, thereby increasing fan speed independently from lamp power.

Two Year Warranty and Support
Toll-free two year priority technical support. Epson's two year limited warranty with 90-day lamp warranty