Epson P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer®

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This product is discontinued

This product has been replaced with: Epson P-6000 Multimedia Storage Viewer®


  • Enjoy the freedom of multimedia portability
  • Download and store thousands of digital photos
  • View every image with precision clarity and color
  • Transfer files quickly and easily
  • Share and view your photos and videos on screen
  • Access hundreds of images with ease
  • Windows® and Macintosh® compatible

Amazing storage capacity. Astounding color and detail.

The Epson® P-4000 has what you need to store and share thousands of photos, videos, music and more - anytime, anywhere. Ready when you are, it features a high-capacity 80GB hard drive, so you can download and save images from your camera, memory card or computer, wherever life takes you. And, it couldn't be easier to share images on-the-spot. A large 3.8" LCD with Epson Photo Fine™ technology means your friends and clients will see every vivid detail in brilliant clarity and color.

With the Epson P-4000, the perfect companion to any digital camera, you'll enjoy the freedom of true multimedia portability. In fact, you can easily download or transfer files - all without a PC! Just slip your CompactFlash® or Secure Digital® memory card into the built-in card slots. The Epson P-4000 even supports additional memory cards with an optional third-party adapter. If you choose to use a computer, simply connect the Epson P-4000 to your computer using the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface. It's all right at your fingertips with this compact device. You can easily save important photos or your favorite videos and music. Best of all, with the large capacity hard drive, you can store thousands of files!

The Epson P-4000 also has an intuitive menu that makes it easy to organize files, so you can quickly access or view them. This full-featured product does it all, including direct printing to select Epson ink jet printers. Whatever your agenda, the Epson P-4000 offers the ideal on-the-go solution.