Epson PictureMate Deluxe Accessories Kit

This product is discontinued


PictureMate Accessories Kit includes:
  • PictureMate Battery Pack (MSRP $69.99)
  • Custom Carrying Case (MSRP$34.99)
  • Print Pack (MSRP $29.99)
  • For Only $88, you save $45.98 when you purchase the kit!

The PictureMate Accessories Kit:

With the Picturemate Accessories Kit, you can transform your PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition into a completely mobile personal photo lab! The PictureMate Battery Pack is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that enables you to print up to 75 prints. A new, fully charged Battery allows you to view photos on your PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition for up to 5 hours!

Take your PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition anywhere you go with the PictureMate Carrying Case. Durable, light-weight and water-resistant, the PictureMate Carrying Case protects your PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition and serves as a convenient storage pack for your camera, supplies and favorite digital accessories. The Carrying Case can even double as a working surface for printing.

Rounding out the trio is the PictureMate Print Pack. With 100-sheets of premium glossy photo prints and a photo cartridge, the PictureMate Print Pack conveniently holds all the supplies you need to print beautiful photos.

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