HQV Video Processor

This product is discontinued


  • HQV true 1080i to 1080p de-interlacing
  • HQV Noise Reduction
  • HQV Automatic Film Mode Cadence Processing
  • ISF certified

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Epson raises home theater projectors to a whole new level by partnering the Epson PowerLite Cinema projectors with the award-winning Realta™ chip based HQV video processor from Silicon Optix. ™

HQV, or Hollywood Quality Video, is one of the newest developments in video display and projection, driven by Silicon Optix 10-bit video processing chip, Realta. HQV offers superior-quality video imagery, using true 10-bit video processing and other advances to cope with the potential conflict of native pixel resolution and different pixel source material. In addition, the technology uses pixel-based (rather than framebased) motion adaptation and detail enhancement to more accurately process de-interlaced images.

The HQV video processor uses Teranex software algorithms that have been refined through 100,000 hours of content verification over the past six years by hundreds of the more demanding customers world-wide.

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