Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Projector

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  • Epson PowerLite™ Home Cinema 1080p projector with integrated surround sound speaker cradle
  • 100-inch, electric screen with integrated LCR speakers
  • Custom-designed Atlantic Technology 5.1 surround sound system and 10-inch subwoofer with all channels of amplification
  • Audio/video controller with dual HDMI inputs and 1080p up-conversion with built-in progressive-scan DVD player
  • Pre-programmed LCD remote controller
  • All mounting brackets, cables and wire management tracks

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Award-winning system of your dreams

The Ensemble HD™ home cinema system is the world’s first complete, high performance, affordable audio and video projection system. It has been designed to seamlessly transform virtually any room into a true, state-of-the-art screening room in as little as four hours.