EasyMP.net Network Option

This product is discontinued


Presenter's partner, technician's friend

EasyMP.net is an optional board that attaches to the Epson® PowerLite® 8300i, giving your projector advanced networking capabilities and other processing functions typically available only through your computer. This technology enables your projector to operate wirelessly, schedule power-on and power-off times, run video from remote locations, and browse the web with convenient real-time results. EasyMP.net contains an embedded Windows® XP operating system, a 20GB hard drive, memory and input ports, which allow you to retrieve files from or send files to any node on the network.

Presenter Applications

EasyMP.net allows you to access files from anywhere on a network and display them from your projector. There's no need to have a computer in the room. You can even retrieve files from your own networked workstation. No need to worry if you've left your presentation behind.

And, with innovative wireless capability, you can use a wireless-enabled laptop to send a presentation up to your mounted projector. With 802.11b, your projector can transmit data up to 150 feet in large venues, ballrooms, or boardrooms–no messy cables required! This facilitates seamless presentations, even when there are multiple presenters. It's easy for each person to attach and disconnect simply and smoothly.

Network Administration Features

By using EasyMP.net to schedule power-on and power-off times,your asset administrator can verify that each projector is powered off at the end of the day, eliminating excessive lamp use. It's no longer necessary to walk across campus to troubleshoot a particular projector; you can control the projector as if you were standing right next to it. EasyMP.net offers easy monitoring, maintenance, and control features that keep you informed of lamp status, power status and source status.¹

You can even monitor and control the projector from remote sites using password protected web browsers, an SNMP plug-in, or the utilities provided by Epson. You can also receive SMTP alert notifications, via e-mail, to inform you of any problems with a projector.

¹Works with projector's built-in Ethernet connection