Color Restoration

Scanners featuring Color Restoration
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Epson Perfection 4490 Photo
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One Touch Color Restoration

Relive and share the most cherished moments captured from the past.

  • Easy to use, one touch Color Restoration renews faded and discolored photos back to near original colors
  • Restore faded slides and negatives in one click of a button
  • See your underwater photos as clearly as you remembered it

Only Epson offers exclusive one touch Color Restoration, preserving memories for enjoyment of generations to come.

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Color Restoration is just one component of Easy Photo Fix Technology allowing you to optimize your scanned images by restoring faded colors, removing dust and film grain. With just one click, Epson's exclusive color restoration technology automatically adjusts the image in the preview scan by rebalancing the color channels effectively removing the color casts caused by dark storage, light exposure and age. The corrected image data is preserved in the final scan allowing for further editing if necessary.

One Touch Color Restoration

Even in a closet or album, a photo can turn magenta or orange, while a photo hanging on the wall can turn yellow or green. The good news is that Epson One-touch Color Restoration can restore old, faded, color-shifted photographs to near original colors. Now you can share those memories with the colors as they actually were, relive the moments and preserve the photographs for future generations to enjoy!

Anyone who has old, faded photographs, any photographs in which the colors have shifted, or even underwater shots will find the Epson exclusive One-touch Color Restoration invaluable. Instanty restore faded, color-shifted photographs to their near original colors.

Dust Removal

Dust removal on slides and negatives is as easy as one click in the Epson Scan driver. This old slide has obvious dust, and is also discolored. Let an Epson scanner do the work and, as you can see here, the dust is gone and the color restored in one scan! Create "like new" photographs by removing dust particles from slides, negatives and photographs.