Looking for ways to increase productivity in your organization?
  • Tired of holding multiple meetings every week and feeling like you are not making any progress?
  • Do you have handwritten notes on post-its or flip charts — or even pictures of whiteboard notes taken via your cell phone?
  • And no one is following up on the action items?
  • The all-in-one meeting room productivity tool

    Epson BrightLink Pro 1410Wi, our new meeting room productivity tool will help you increase productivity throughout your organization.

    It's simple to use because it works like an appliance, and does not require a computer.

  • Just walk in, turn it on and start writing — that's it!
  • Use it like a whiteboard, add pages, insert images
  • If you have your own device, like an iPad® or laptop, project your content, annotate on it and capture all your notes
  • When you are done, you can save, print or email your work
  • And you can do it all without a computer!
  • No PC Required
    You will maximize your productivity in the workplace with the BrightLink Pro 1410Wi. Your meetings will be more efficient and fun, and sharing notes and action items will be a piece of cake.

    Whiteboard 2.0:

    Turn your traditional whiteboard, wall or any flat surface into a new digital whiteboard.

  • Turn the projector on and start writing using the interactive pen
  • Add pages when you need more space
  • Insert images from your USB drive or network drive
  • Print, save, or email when you are done
  • Print Screen Print Screen Print Screen
    Control Pad
    Use the Control Pad for easy access

    Turn your traditional whiteboard, wall or any flat surface into a new digital whiteboard.

  • Use the control pad as a USB hub, an extension to your USB ports, or as a remote control unit with easy access to certain functions.
  • Use the USB ports to connect to your PC, printer or thumb drive.
  • Use the intuitive buttons to power the projector on/off, or select functions including Whiteboard mode, Source Search, Capture, Print or Save.
  • Present, Annotate and Capture

    Use it with your own device and content.

  • Bring your own content, project it on the screen, annotate and capture your notes.
  • When you're done, share content via the email, print or save functions.
  • Connect your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices using iProjection App, or your computer, DVD player, document camera and other devices via wireless, HDMI, DisplayPort and other inputs.
  • iProjection™ App
    Board Room
    PC Interactivity

    Interact with your PC or Mac by using the pen as wireless mouse.

    PC Interactivity

    PC Interactivity will give you the flexibility to run any application on your computer, surf the web, and edit your documents on the go.

    You can enable PC Interactivity in three different ways:

    1. Transfer the video via HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA cable and transfer the interactivity via USB cable.
    2. Transfer the video, audio and interactivity via a USB cable.
    3. Transfer the video, audio and interactivity wirelessly using free EasyMP Network Projection v2.81 (or higher) tool.
    Bring premium design to your room

    The BrightLink Pro 1410Wi offers exclusively designed optional all-in-one mounts from Chief Mounts, available in three different finishes. Choose from a deep Cherry, sleek Aluminum or beautiful Teak finish to seamlessly fit in with the existing decor at any corporate setting.

    To order these mounts directly from Chief, please visit

    Cherry Finish
    Cherry finish
    Teak Finish
    Teak finish
    Aluminum Finish
    Aluminum finish
    Turn any surface into a collaborative surface

    BrightLink Pro 1410Wi works on almost any surface - an existing whiteboard, a flat wall, or a table. Interactive capabilities are built into the projector, so it's perfect in virtually any setting. Mount your projector on a wall or table, instantly transforming any area into an interactive surface.

    Click here to see Versa Table's custom solutions for Brightlink Pro.

    Turn your table into a collaborative surface and have more productive discussions
    Turn your existing whiteboard into an interactive surface without spending thousands of dollars on a interactive board
    Ultra Short Throw Design with up to 100" large size!

    Take advantage of one of the largest interactive areas available without paying a premium for size.

  • Project images up to 100" diagonal in WXGA, 1280 x 800 resolution.
  • Use it like a whiteboard, add pages, insert images
  • If you have your own device, like an iPad® or laptop, project your content, annotate on it and capture all your notes
  • Whiteboard Size
    No Shadow
    No shadows, no eye glare

    BrightLink Pro 1410Wi's ultra-short-throw projector design eliminates many of the common problems of interactive systems, such as shadowing and eye glare. With an incredibly efficient .27 throw ratio, BrightLink Pro 1410Wi allows you to project extra large interactive images up to 100" with the projector less than 12.5" away from the image surface.

    Full Size Video Conference
    Full size video conferencing

    You no longer need a flat panel display (FDP) for your video conferencing needs with the BrightLink Pro 1410Wi. Connect your video conferencing system to BrightLink Pro 1410Wi and display an image as large as 100" (diagonal).

    Split Screen
    Split Screen

    Project two images (video or still) side-by-side from two different sources simultaneously. Choose from three layout options. You can swap the images, choose the source for the audio and even display closed captioning if the source signal includes it.

    Remote Collaboration
    Remote Collaboration

    By using EasyMP Network Projection v2.81 (or higher), you can share your content across the same network on up to four remote BrightLink Pro 1410Wis. All four projectors enable users to annotate on the projected image and their annotations are visible at all four locations as well as the computer, resulting in more productive and collaborative meetings.

    Los Angeles
    New York
    iProjection™ App
    Epson iProjection™ App

    Bring your own device (BYOD), display and control content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Android devices with the free Epson iProjection App. To find out more, visit

    iProjection™ App
    Split Screen
    Multi-PC projection

    Epson Multi-PC Collaboration utility allows you to display four individual PC screens simultaneously over the network with up to 32 PCs connected to the same projector. This feature is a great tool for meetings or projects where multiple users can present and share ideas and graphics.

    Network BrightLink
    Management and control functions

    Attach BrightLink Pro 1410Wi to your LAN via a wired or wireless connection for remote management and control functions using Epson® EasyMP® Monitor software.

    IT administrators can configure and monitor the status of their Epson networked projectors, including the remote viewing of power status, lamp hours and temperature/filter conditions.

    The Schedule function is a convenient way for you to easily control the projector at non-networked venues. The embedded "clock" inside the projector enables it to do scheduled tasks without having the "network stand-by mode" on. This saves energy, as the projector can be turned off when not in use.

    Advanced connectivity
  • Digital connectivity: HDMI and Display Port for high-definition digital video and audio.
  • VGA, Video and USB inputs.
  • Network connectivity: Attach it to your LAN via a wired or wireless connection and present visual and audio content over the LANv.
  • 3x Brighter Colors
    3x Brighter Colors with Epson

    Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness (color light output), and Epson 3LCD projectors have 3x Brighter Colors than leading competitive projectors.

    One brightness measurement (lumens) is not enough. A projector's specification needs to show both high color brightness and high white brightness. If color brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail. If not provided, be sure to ask for a projector's color brightness specification.

    Brightness Competitor

    Actual photograph of side by side projected images from an identical signal source. Price, resolution and white brightness are similar for both projectors (Epson 3LCD and 1-chip DLP competitor). Both projectors are set to their brightest mode. High color brightness and high white brightness

    Learn More about Color Brightness Learn More about Color Brightness

    High color brightness and high white brightness
    Color brightness significantly lower than white brightness
    The Epson Road Service Program

    Relax. When you buy an Epson projector, it's backed by one of the most unprecedented product protection plans in the industry.

    Replacement product sent via overnight shipping* — shipped Next Business Day to the United States or Canada, free of charge.

    We pay the postage both ways — your replacement projector will come with a return shipping label, postage paid.