Epson Large Venue

High Lumen

Designed for Exceptional Performance

Epson Installation Series Projectors are powerful performers for virtually all venues including staging events, lecture halls, houses of worship and more. These projectors feature high lumens for bright and colorful images. Advanced display technologies, like 4K enhancement and built-in edge blending to create 3D image mapping and immersive 360 panoramic that will captivate any audience.

Projected image simulated

Laser Series Projectors

Epson is the first manufacturer to combine inorganic LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel to achieve higher brightness and reliability.
Featuring lamp-free laser light source, the Pro L series projectors offer:

  • 20,000 hours of Virtually maintenance-free operation, including 24/7 usage
  • Instant ON/OFF - no more waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down
  • High-speed contrast control, Absolute Black contrast ratio
  • Wide color gamut for brilliant, color-rich performance

Presenting Epson High Lumen Projectors:
Designed for Installation in Large Venues

4000 Series

Up to 5,200 lumens
  • Lens shift
  • No optional lenses
  • 2-year warranty

Pro G Series

Up to 8,000 lumens
  • Single lamp projector
  • 10 powered lenses
  • 3-year / 20,000 hours warranty

Pro Z Series

Up to 11,000 lumens
  • Dual lamp projector
  • 360 and portrait orientation
  • 3-year warranty

Pro L Series

Up to 12,000 lumens
  • Laser Light Source projector 20,000 hours maintenance free
  • 24/7 Operation
  • 3-year / 20,000 hours warranty
Design Your Vision with Epson Large Venue Projectors

Watch how you can project any shape, on any surface with Epson large venue projectors. Experience the power and versatility of Epson's 3-chip, 3LCD technology across every line, and see for yourself what makes Epson the number one brand in high lumen projectors.

Watch Video: Epson Large Venue Projectors

Advanced Projector Features Enable
Industry-Leading Performance

Learn about the many features Epson provides – from Flexible Installation, to Diverse Connectivity and
everything in-between. Epson Large Venue projector features will exceed your expectations.
Features available on select model. Compare and learn more.

Curved Edge Blending

Edge blending makes it easy to use multi-screen projection and achieve a seamless panoramic image, allowing color and brightness to match up perfectly, even in areas that overlap. Some models are equipped with integrated edge blending technology, and some offer advanced edge blending with curved surface.

Portrait Projection

Think outside the box, and flip that image! Now, you can turn your projector 90 degrees, and project portrait images. Create the wow factor for digital signage, art galleries, fashion shows, clubs, concert halls and more.

360 Degree Installation

Turn your floors and ceilings into immersive displays. Great for digital signage, museums, art shows, and many other creative applications.

HDBaseT Connectivity

Make your installations hassle-free with the cutting edge HDBaseT technology that can carry Full HD video, audio, network and control commands all on a single CAT-5/6 cable that is over 328 feet!

Reduce your installation costs significantly by eliminating additional cables, signal repeaters and labor. Just run a CAT-5/6 cable from your HDBaseT transmitter box into one of the compatible projectors and you are all set!


Explore the Award Winning Pro G & Pro Z Projectors

Pro G Series Awards

Projector Central - Highly Rated
Highly Rated by Projector Central

"The most striking thing about the Pro G6900WU's image is its
excellent color. The Pro G6900WU produces bright, saturated color in every image mode, and this goes a long way towards creating a
natural-looking image." – Bill Livolsi

Sound & Video Contractor
Sound & Video Contractor Best of InfoComm 2015
PowerLite Pro G6970WU

"This is a premium, 6000 lumens video projector in a great form factor at a very affordable price point.."

AV Technology
AV Technology
Best of Infocomm 2015
PowerLite Pro G6970WU

"Combining high brightness with a variety of video input types not typically found at this price point, this unit should meet the needs of many education and house of worship clients."

Pro Z Series Awards

rAVe Best of InfoComm
rAVe Best of InfoComm Award

Epson PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL Projector awarded Best New Rental/Staging Projector from rAVe Publications

Digital Signage 2014 Best Show
Digital Signage InfoComm Best of Show

Epson PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL Projector awarded Digital Signage Weekly Best of Show award at InfoComm 2014 Hot Product Award
Hot Product Award by Projector Reviews
PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL

"The Z10005UNL can be mounted in just about any orientation, including on its side for projecting portrait mode images. This makes this model great for a wide variety of applications including such things as digital signage, fashion shows, art galleries or anywhere vertical oriented images are to be projected."
– Ron Jones

Epson High Lumen Projectors in Action

Illinois State University
Watch Video
J Walter Thompson
Watch Video
Hope Church
Watch Video
Pensacola Christian College
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3x Brighter Colors* with Epson High Lumen Projectors
Compared to Leading 1-chip DLP Projectors

Bright & Colorful

While white brightness may be the traditional specification associated with lumens, a new color brightness specification is an authoritative standard recently developed by the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM). This widely accepted standard measures the projected brightness of red, green, and blue light. If color brightness is low, colors can look dull or dark, skin tones are reproduced poorly and important details can be lost.

Epson projectors use 3LCD technology with 3 chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life and consistent images. Unlike 1-chip DLP projectors that use a color wheel, Epson projectors do not force a tradeoff between white and color brightness. Many manufacturers provide only one specification which states the white brightness (White Light Output). If color brightness (Color Light Output) is not listed, the actual number may be as low as 1/3 of the provided spec. Epson lists both specifications.

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*Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on MPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Color brightness (Color Light Output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.