MoverioDeveloper Program

Android-powered Smart Glasses

The Epson Moverio BT-200 enables a new era of interactive and augmented reality applications. If you are interested in developing applications for the Moverio BT-200, apply for our developer
program today.

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Moverio Developers Support

Purchased a unit and ready to get started? At the new Moverio Apps Market, you can access the Moverio SDK, find Moverio developer support information, upload your Moverio App and more!

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Join the Moverio developer community in the XDA Developers forum.

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Announcing Unity 3D Support for Moverio Smart Glasses

The Unity 3D Plugin for Moverio helps developers of all levels build exciting Augmented Reality Android games and apps for the Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses. In most cases, you only have to drag and drop the Moverio Controller and Moverio Camera Controller prefabs into your Unity scene to get access to all of the native controls you need - no programming needed!

Moverio Smart Glasses and controller with Unity3D Support

Key Features: Unity 3D Plugin for Moverio

  • The Camera Rig Prefab switches seamlessly between Stereoscopic 3D and 2D content with the hooks to activate the Stereoscopic mode on the Moverio (also works with Google Cardboard)
  • Provides control over the brightness of the Moverio Glasses
  • Provides native control over Sensor location (Head/Hand Control)
  • There is minimal need for coding/porting for your already existing Unity Android plugins. Just drag and drop, and the Plugin takes care of everything for you!

Download Unity 3D Plugin

The Next Generation of Smart Glasses

With robust developer tools and innovative hardware features, we've built our most advanced Smart Glasses platform ever. Explore the Moverio Developer Program and start building something amazing.

Build an Immersive User Experience

A variety of built-in sensors on the glasses and controller
enable new in-app functionality and even innovative motion-based UI controls.

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Craft a 3D Experience

The binocular dual displays in Moverio enable true 3D app development.


Ideal for Augmented Reality & Interactive Gaming

When developing for Moverio, Black is transparent so there is no need to develop unnecessary visual elements within your Apps. Whether for Augmented Reality, 3D games or other immersive applications, you can let the user's physical environment be the background and only design the elements that matter.

Integrate Third Party Hardware & Software

ScopeAR ScopeAssist Consumer Concept

With Moverio, you can easily integrate Bluetooth-enabled devices and third-party voice APIs that are compatible with the Android operating system.

Watch Video: ScopeAR ScopeAssist Consumer Concept

Efficiently Build Augmented Reality Apps with Third Party SDKs

In addition to the standard Android Software Development Kit, a number of premier partners have developed SDKs specifically for Moverio, making AR app development easier than ever.

The Moverio App Store

Have you already developed an App for Moverio? Share it with the world on the Moverio App Store!