• 3x Brighter Colors1, and reliable performance — 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • One measurement of brightness is not enough — look for both high color brightness and high white brightness. The Pro Cinema Bright series has:
  • Color Brightness: 4000 up to 6000 lumens2
  • White Brightness: 4000 up to 6000 lumens2
  • Premium video processing — sharp HD images for videos, sporting events and more; features Faroudja DCDi® Cinema technology
  • A better-than-cinema experience — enjoy engaging entertainment, right at home
  • Brilliant image quality — supports Full HD 1080p
  • Flexible installation and setup — centered lens design with vertical and horizontal lens shift
  • Cutting-edge HDBaseT connectivity — one CAT-5/6 cable carries Full HD video and audio up to 328 feet; the ideal solution for large-home installations (Pro Cinema 6900WU only)
  • Remotely monitor the projector — EasyMP® enables installers to remotely change internal settings, or send email notifications to alert users and dealers of any issues
  • Watch two HD connections at once — convenient Split Screen feature3
Pro Cinema Bright series home theater

The Pro Cinema Bright series home theater projectors are the perfect choice for premium home entertainment in large, open spaces with ambient light. Offering 3x Brighter Colors1 than competitive models, Epson® 3LCD projectors ensure sharp, vivid images. The Bright Series of Pro Cinema projectors supports Full HD 1080p and features advanced video processing for a better-than-cinema experience. These versatile performers can even project content from two HD connections, side by side, with the Split Screen3 function. A centered lens and lens shift make setup easy. And, the Pro Cinema 6900WU's cutting-edge HDBaseT connectivity offers installation flexibility. Installers can even monitor the Bright Series of Pro Cinema projectors remotely to change settings or issue email reminders with EasyMP networking.

HD home theater projectors

Home entertainment like never before

Watch the big game on a big screen with your friends and family in large open spaces. Whether you have a dedicated game room with ambient light or open concept kitchen, add the big screen where you want to play video games, watch movies, or cable and satellite programming. Epson's Bright Series of Home Cinema Projectors are designed for use in rooms with ambient light.


Award-winning Faroudja DCDi®
Cinema for premium video quality

Faroudja DCDi Cinema is a video enhancement technology that produces exceptional image quality without introducing artifacts. Faroudja developed DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) to eliminate jaggy images by using a unique algorithm.

Installation flexibility

Installation Flexibility

Lens shift

Epson lens shift technology enables outstanding installation flexibility with an incredible range of up to + or - 67 degrees on the vertical axis and up to + or - 30 degrees on the horizontal axis3.

Centered lens design

Featuring a centered lens design, the Epson's Bright Series of Pro Cinema projectors makes installation easy to plan. Positioning the ceiling mount, screen and projector can be performed individually and independent of one another.

Point and arc correction

Adjust each side of a projected image in an arc or barrel-shaped way, making it easier than ever to get a perfectly rectangular image.

Convenient test patterns

The Epson's Bright Series of Pro Cinema projectors includes nine test patterns including linearity, color reproduction, bleeding and tone production. It even detects distortion.


Diverse connectivity

Connect with virtually any system with HDBaseT (Pro Cinema 6900WU only), HD-SDI3, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, BNC and LAN connectivity.

Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology
(Pro Cinema 6900WU only)

  • Ideal for home installations in large homes with multiple displays
  • Carries uncompressed HD video and audio up to 328 feet
  • Offers a greater range than HDMI
  • Ideal for homes already wired with CAT-5 or CAT-6
  • Integrates HD video and home automation components
    in a central HDBaseT media hub
  • Downloads and streams content from providers such
    as Netflix and Vudu faster than a wireless connection
  • Switches content between multiple displays and multiple devices (Blu-ray® player, security camera and laptop)
    with ease
  • Offers greater flexibility when expanding your home entertainment system

Optional HDBaseT transmitter
(Pro Cinema 6900WU only)

Epson offers an optional HDBaseT transmitter box as a companion piece. Three inputs are featured for easy installation: HDMI, LAN and RS-232 to output into a CAT-5/6 cable.

Easy Management®

The EasyMP Monitor tool offers a new level of control and makes it easy for installers to monitor projector performance,
set up email notifications, verify and change internal settings and more, without having to schedule a service call. It's
password protected so you only share access with who you want.

  • Monitoring — You can monitor the power status (ON/OFF) for projectors or see problems or alerts requiring attention via
    icons displayed on EasyMP Monitor. You can also check the lamp operating time
    or detailed information such as input sources
  • Controlling — You can carry out operations such as switching input sources, or changing the settings in the projector's
    configuration menu. To save energy, you can use the EasyMP Monitor Schedule function to turn the power on/off, or use
    Timer Settings for regular or particular time-activated actions.

Twice the HD content

Split Screen4 allows you to watch content from two different HD inputs, simultaneously, on a single screen, using one of three layout options.

Twice the HD content
Layout Options

Easy maintenance

Pro Cinema Bright series projectors require very little maintenance. But when they do, it's easier than ever.
The easily accessible filter, which can capture particles
as small as three microns, has a recommended 10,000-hour cleaning schedule5 . The lamp can be accessed through the rear side panel. There are no screws, so the lid can
be easily removed without any special tools.

3x Brighter Colors with Epson1

Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness (color light output), and Epson 3LCD projectors have 3x Brighter Colors than leading competitive projectors.1

One brightness measurement
(lumens) is not enough. A projector's specification needs to show both high color brightness and high white brightness. If color brightness is lower than white brightness, images may
be dark, dull and lose detail. If not provided, be sure to ask for a projector's color brightness specification.

3LCD — The #1 projection technology in the world

  • All 3LCD projectors have both high color brightness and high white brightness
  • All 3LCD projectors have 3 chips
  • 25% lower power consumption for lower energy costs6
  • 20 years of road-tested reliability

Epson — The best-selling projectors in the world

Built with image quality and reliability in mind, Epson high-definition projectors take home theater entertainment to a whole new level, featuring color and detail that's sure to win rave reviews from friends and family alike.

List of models

Projector Models

Epson's Bright Series of Pro Cinema projectors include:

  • Spare lamp
  • Mount
Better Products for a Better Future
For more information on Epson's environmental programs, go to www.epson.com/environment

1 Color brightness (color light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Leading Epson 3LCD projectors in the home entertainment segment (720p and 1080p) compared to leading 1-chip DLP projectors, based on NPD data for June 2013 through May 2014.

2 Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

3 Varies by model.

4 Consult your user manual for input combinations.

5 Recommendation based on normal room conditions. Cleaning requirements may vary depending on use, environment and other conditions. Cleaning intervals may be adjusted to accommodate the environment in which the projector is used.

6 Data source: ProjectorCentral.com Jan. 2013. Average of 1128 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels. Energy efficiency was measured as wattage per lumen. It was measured for both 3LCD and 1-chip projectors in each of five brightness segments. 3LCD projectors averaged less required electricity per lumen in each of the five segments.

7 See our website for convenient and reasonable recycling options at www.epson.com/recycle

8 SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

EPSON, EasyMP and PowerLite are registered trademarks, EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark and Better Products for a Better Future is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. SmartWay is a service mark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All other product and brand names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims any and all rights in these marks. Copyright 2013 Epson America, Inc. CPD-40049 8/13