Next-Generation Printhead Technology

PrecisionCore is thin film piezo printhead technology that merges advances in materials science and MEMS fabrication with Epson's deep portfolio of inkjet technologies. With the flexibility to deliver high-speed solutions for commercial, industrial and office printing, PrecisionCore enables superior output quality and durability on the widest range of media.

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A Printing Paradigm Shift

1.33 inches: 400 nozzles x 2 rows

MicroTFP Print Chip

At the heart of PrecisionCore is the PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip. This print chip is modular and can be arrayed in various printhead configurations.

Outstanding Speed and Output Quality

  • Based on the thin film piezo (TFP) technology that Epson has been using in commercial large-format printers, the MicroTFP PrecisionCore print chip offers vastly improved basic performance compared to conventional piezo printheads, including faster speed and more accurate dot placement.
  • The thin film piezo actuators, which act as pumps that fire droplets of ink, are just 1 micron thick. PrecisionCore printheads deliver professional output quality at high speed by precisely controlling the droplet shape and volume at a rate up to 50,000 times a second per nozzle.
  • Printing speed was further accelerated by increasing the length of the nozzle plate (and thus the length of the nozzle line) from 1 inch to 1.33 inches.
TFP image showing Piezo actuators on top, 0.55mm ink cavaties on the left, nozzles of 84.7 microns and an inkflow on the front
PrecisionCore MicroTFP Print Chip, Printheads for Office Inkjet Printers and Linehead for Industrial Inkjet Printers

Expanding Potential

  • Modular PrecisionCore chips can be combined in different ways to build a variety of printheads, from lineheads for industrial presses to serial printheads for desktop printers.
  • The technology is still evolving. PrecisionCore
    promises to be an enduring inkjet technology platform,
    and its potential is only just starting to be tapped.
Epson PrecisionCore Tech printers lined up from small to large.

Printers Powered by PrecisionCore


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