Epson Pulsense
PS-100 & PS-500 Activity Trackers with Heart Monitor

Epson pulsense band and watch

Easily access real-time data or manage your fitness goals with these sleek fitness watches and bands that monitor activity and heart rate. Ideal for zone training1, the Pulsense PS-500 watch & PS-100 band accurately track information, 24/7.

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Total Lifestyle Management

Easily track your fitness activity, manage daily progress and be inspired to move toward better health with the Pulsense PS-500 watch or Pulsense PS-100 wristband, sleek trackers that monitor both activity and heart rate. Featuring Epson's leading-edge sensing technology, these sporty monitors accurately track your heart rate, 24/7. Capture important data, including steps, sleep quality and calories burned. See how far you've come via the easy-to-use Pulsense mobile app or web portal. You get personalized information that will easily motivate.


Gather key information — heart rate, activities, caloric intake and sleep.


Upload your data, set your goals and track your progress
via your smartphone or computer.


Achieve your wellness goals.

Epson Pulsense

The Next Generation of Activity Monitoring

Epson Pulsense Watch

PS-500 Pulsense Watch

The fitness watch with reliable activity and heart
rate monitoring

SRP $199

Available September 2014

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Epson Pulsense Band

PS-100 Pulsense Band

Accurate activity and heart rate monitoring in a
convenient wristband

SRP $129

Available September 2014

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Pulsense Features

These compact and comfortable devices give you the tools you need to achieve your goals, with a sleek design that makes them easy to wear all day and night.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Discover Your Heart Rate Zone at a Glance

24/7 tracking from your wrist ensures proper intensity.

Activity Monitoring
Track Steps, Calories Burned and More

Utilizes heart rate data to increase accuracy.

Caloric Tracking
Data Storage

Stores up to 20 days of heart rate and activity data in the device.

Sleep Activity Monitoring
Monitor your Sleep Patterns

Review your sleep quality; calculated with both motion sensing and heart rate data.

Smartphone Friendly
Review Data Online or via Your Mobile Device

Easily access stored data (uploaded via Bluetooth® Smart upon accessing the Pulsense mobile app).

PC & Mac Compatible
Ideal for Your Busy Lifestyle

PC & Mac compatible and the longest battery life of any wrist-worn continuous heart rate monitor2, rechargeable via USB or optional AC adapter.

Plan for Success

Pulsense provides you with customized progress reporting. Just enter your goal weight and the date you want to achieve it. Your device will set target fitness levels for you and report on it based on your personal biometric data.

Plan for Success


The Epson Sensing API and SDK are available to third-party App developers.

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1Zone training personalization achieved by wearing the wristband for a few nights for calibration. Number of nights required may vary based on user's physiology.
2PS-500 and PS-100 have the longest battery lives of any wrist-worn continuous heart rate monitor as of August 2014, based on manufacturer's specification.