Epson SureColor®

The Way Solvent Printing Should Be

Capable of producing astonishing print quality at unbelievable print speeds, the SureColor S-Series utilizes some of Epson's most advanced imaging technology. The S-Series was designed from the ground up to be the most versatile line of signage printers the industry has ever seen.

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Breakthrough, State-of-the-Art, Solvent Printing

We challenged our top mechanical and chemical engineers to redefine and push the limits of solvent-based printing technology. And they delivered. Watch how the SureColor S-Series dramatically improves solvent printing.

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Unmatched Performance Meets Ultimate Value

1 YR
Starting at $14,9951
  • 4 Color UltraChrome® GS2 Inks
  • Print up to 620 sq ft/hour in draft banner mode*
1 YR
Starting at $24,9951
  • 5 Color UltraChrome GS2 with optional white
  • Extreme speed up to 980 sq ft/hr*
1 YR
Starting at $24,9951
  • 10 Color UltraChrome GSX with optional silver metallic and white
  • Extreme image quality

Smart. Fast. Beautiful. Shift Your Shop Into High Gear With
the Speed and Quality of the S-Series.

Using Exotic Print Head Technology

Utilizing Epson's MicroPiezo® TFP® (Thin Film Piezo) print head, the S-Series produces better quality prints faster and more accurately than virtually any other form of solvent based imaging.

Provides Unmatched Output Quality

Using an enhanced variable droplet technology, these printers are capable of print resolutions up to 1,440 x 1,440 dpi creating superior levels of text, vector graphics and overall print quality.

Revolutionary Solvent Ink

Designed exclusively for use with our most advanced solvent-based inks to date, the 4-color Epson UltraChrome GS2 and 10 color UltraChrome** GSX inks take advantage of an improved yellow ink that dries faster and lasts longer while being more environmentally responsible.

Handles the Heavy Lifting

Equipped with a motorized input system which supports up to 90 pounds of rolled media and an included media take-up system, these printers can handle virtually any solvent based media with consistent print quality for long, unattended print runs.

Performs with Precision

Built using an advanced robotic welding process, this new level of manufacturing precision stiffens the base structure of the printer, eliminating vibration and allowing for incredible levels of precision.

Extremely Easy to Use

Automatic head alignment, automatic head cleaning, and automatic media feed adjustments provide quicker and more accurate adjustments without the need to spend hours in setup. With these printers, the days of long media setup and inconsistent results are done.

T-Series printers

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*All print speeds are based on print engine speed only, in bi-directional mode. Total throughput times depend upon front-end RIP, file, size, printer resolution, ink coverage, networking, etc.
**The S-Series printers are designed to be used exclusively with the specially-formulated Epson inks, and not with other brands of cartridges or inks.
1Price is MSRP before any applicable rebates. Reseller prices may vary. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.