Wireless Projectors for Education

For a More Engaging Classroom Experience

Enhance lessons and inspire communication and collaboration among students with an Epson wireless projector.*

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Epson Projectors Voted #1 Image Quality

For K12 Classrooms and Higher Education

Epson wireless projectors allow you to wirelessly project lessons, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Apple Keynote® presentations, webpages, documents, photos and more from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Epson iProjection App for Mobile Devices

Epson iProjection App for Mobile Devices

Move freely around the room while wirelessly displaying, navigating and annotating lessons, documents, photos, webpages and other files from your Apple® iOS® or Android tablet or smartphone running the Epson iProjection App.

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EasyMP® Multi-PC Projection for Moderation

EasyMP Multi PC Projection for Moderation

Multi-PC Projection with Moderator device management software is available on select wireless projectors. Wirelessly connect up to 50 Windows® and Mac® devices. Simultaneously share the screens of up to four devices while maintaining control over which screens are being displayed. It's perfect for comparing students' work side-by-side.

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