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Epson Steps up to the Plate with CTP System

June 21, 2011 Reed Hecht

Today’s small businesses are looking for the most effective ways to reduce expenses and increase the bottom line.  I’ve spent a lot of time talking to printing press-duplicators and small-to-medium-size printing press businesses, as they struggle to find a balance between cost and efficiency.  Yet, the economy is also encouraging these shops to leave old solutions behind in favor of more efficient systems that bring added profits.

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Digital Photography is Not Fine Art

April 22, 2010 Dan 'Dano' Steinhardt

It's true, digital photography is not fine art.  Today, "Digital Photography" is redundant with the overwhelming majority of photographic imaging produced with precision binary systems vs. variable chemical reactions.

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An Interview With Marco Fine Arts

March 10, 2010 Jeffrey Smith

This is a excerpt from and interview with Albert Marco, President of Marco Fine Arts, by Jeff Smith, Epson Product Manager that took place in January 2010 on Marco Fine Art and their use of Epson Technology during printing.

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The Future of Package Proofing

February 24, 2010 Larry Kaufman

When I first started talking to the package proofing market, I heard a lot of frustration about the digital color-proofing system that was standard in that world.  Like a fading star past its prime, the high-maintenance devices used  were expensive, slow, labor-intensive, and very costly to operate.  Users were anxious to find alternatives for proofing flexo and gravure print jobs that required the color white. 

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Printing Mistakes Made Before Printing

December 15, 2009 Dan 'Dano' Steinhardt

When prints lack sharpness, detail, or for prints that are too dark or colors that do not match the monitor, photographers usually dive in and start making changes to color management and driver settings.  While errors can happen with color management, sometimes the underlying printing problem is not with the driver or the printer, but with how the file was created at the moment of capture.

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Solvent Printing for Fine Art Reproduction

December 12, 2009 Reed Hecht

One of the most amazing moments in product marketing is when a product opens doors beyond its targeted market.  When building the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, we did not initially intend to make this so called "sign printer" a fine art production machine.  Although the printer was a success in the signage market, the fine art market started suddenly showing a good deal of interest in what it could do. 

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Snow Leopard

September 22, 2009 Mark Radogna

Apple was waiting in conference room 5252 within the Epson America, Long Beach headquarters when I exited the elevator to meet them. I knew why they were here. Apple is launching their latest Mac OS named Snow Leopard next month, and they wanted an update on what the Professional Imaging team was going to do about it.

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The Ultimate Black and White Print

September 22, 2009 Dan 'Dano' Steinhardt

When Epson introduced photographic quality pigment-based inks, many in the industry noted that the future of photographic printing had arrived. However, photographers quickly pointed out that the future of color photographic printing may have arrived but not when it came to Black and White. Rich blacks reproduced as muddy dark grays, there was color contamination in the lower and upper scale and a weird phenomenon of prints looking neutral under one light source then shifting blue or green under different types of lighting. This metameric failure known colloquially as "metamerism" was inherent in analog prints but at a much lower level.

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Welcome to Inside Epson

August 15, 2009 Mark Radogna

As we look for ways to improve information to our customers, 'Inside Epson' will become a key destination for everything Epson Stylus Pro. Written by the same people who help bring these amazing technologies to market, the stories and articles available here, will help to clarify, educate, and update you on the latest activities regarding Epson Stylus Pro printers, inks, media, accessories, and much more.

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The Way Solvent Printing Should Be

August 15, 2009 Reed Hecht

When I was asked to lead the launch process within Epson America for the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 solvent-based printer, I did not realize the impact we were about to make. Being fairly new to this industry, my expectations for the final product were not always what this industry was used to. Over the year it took us to launch this first-ever product from Epson, I learned a lot about what was wrong with the solvent printing industry.

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Epson's Impact on Photography

August 15, 2009 Dan 'Dano' Steinhardt

While many experimented in the early 19th century to visually record the world around them, Joseph Niepce is acknowledged as the inventor of photography. In 1826 Niepce made an 8-hour exposure to a bitumen coated pewter plate of the view from his window. He immersed the exposed plate into oil of lavender and white petroleum creating, "Window at Le Gras", the world's first permanent photograph. From that moment, photography would be defined not by the camera but by the print.

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Microsoft Windows 7

August 15, 2009 Larry Kaufman

I am a Windows user although I am not OS, brand, or platform bound. I just started and stayed with Microsoft out of familiarity and investment in applications over the years. Most recently I have been working with Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) 64-bit. Stay tuned to the Epson Website for specific information related to Windows 7 as the October release date nears.

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The Media Development Process

August 15, 2009 Jeffrey Smith

There are hundreds of steps involved in producing premium, high quality media products. But, before running any tests to certify a paper product is perfect in terms of quality and performance, it's imperative that one has an understanding of the demanding requirements of the end user.

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