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Mark Radogna

Group Product Manager, Professional Imaging Division

Mark is our team leader for the Professional Imaging Division. Working in close partnership with Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan, Mark helped to establish Epson as one of the largest Professional Imaging printer manufacturer's in the world.

Welcome to Inside Epson

August 15, 2009

As we look for ways to improve information to our customers, 'Inside Epson' will become a key destination for everything Epson Stylus Pro. Written by the same people who help bring these amazing technologies to market, the stories and articles available here, will help to clarify, educate, and update you on the latest activities regarding Epson Stylus Pro printers, inks, media, accessories, and much more.

At Epson, we've always felt responsible for moving key industries forward. Many of you reading this article now, may be involved with photography. Many consider Epson one of the key players in moving this industry into the digital age. Some of you may be from the printing industry, where Epson is committed to delivering the best proofing solutions for virtually any printed product. And of course, many of you are Graphic Designers, the market that started the Epson Stylus Pro brand. Whatever your background, Inside Epson will become a valuable resource for answering your toughest questions.

And from time-to-time, we may even surprise you.

I've asked each Inside Epson writer to take-on the controversial topics requiring real attention by Epson. Topics that many of you have been asking within various chat forums or blogging sites. And yes, my team looks at chat forums frequently for feedback about our products. As a result, I'm hoping you'll learn something new about topics you care about.

During the next few weeks, you will start to see new article topics appear under each writer's name. In addition, new writers will be added along with their key area of expertise. Over time, it's my goal to introduce you to some of the key people within the Epson Stylus Pro organization and how they think. For the initial launch of Inside Epson, the following Epson people will be writing about topics within their specific area of expertise.

Mark Radogna, Group Product Manager, Professional Imaging Division
I'll be focusing my articles on top-level information that covers all areas of our business and industry. In addition, I have the luxury of working directly with Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan. As a high-tech marketing professional, it's like being in the greatest candy store ever. Whatever product idea we can come-up with, Seiko Epson Engineering can develop it - in house. So, from time-to-time, I'm hoping to introduce you to some of these talented individuals and how they work.

Reed Hecht, Product Manager, Professional Imaging Division
I'm asking Reed to write about how Epson is attacking the future of sign making. With our recent release of the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, Epson is now a major player within this market segment. How can Epson take advantage of our various printing technologies to further push this industry forward? Can this technology be used for other markets beyond sign making?

Larry Kaufman, Product Manager, Professional Imaging Division
Larry came from our technical support organization where he originally built our overall technical support strategy for the Epson Stylus Pro line. So, I'm asking Larry to focus on key technical support issues related to everything Stylus Pro. From driver to firmware, to operating systems and more, Larry's articles will be focused around getting you the technical information to help you make the right decision.

Dan "Dano" Steinhardt, Marketing Manager, Professional Imaging Division
Dano has been involved with professional photography most of his working career, so it's natural for us to take advantage of this wealth of information. With one of our biggest target markets being Professional Photography, I'm expecting Dano's articles to become the most popular on the net.

Jeffrey Smith, Product Manager, Professional Imaging Division
Jeff is our key media development person. As we dream-up new media products, it's Jeff's team who try's to make them a reality. There are a lot of controversial topics surrounding professional media. Jeff will focus his articles on this topic, helping to further clarify any open questions you may still have.

At the end of each article is an eMail link for your feedback. Don't be shy in responding to any topic or writer - good or bad. In most cases, you will not receive direct feedback from the writer, but your feedback will help us more than you know.

There is one thing I want all of you to know - investing money in an Epson Stylus Pro product is not taken lightly. My team understands this very well.

For years, we've worked closely with Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan to help bring their professional printing technology to North America. As a result, today we are one of the greatest brands in our industry. And many of us feel we've only just begun...

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