Focal Points
Epson Signature Worthy Papers
Only the highest quality Epson papers receive the designation of Signature Worthy. Watch the introduction and view the complete interviews to see why these industry leaders choose Epson Signature Worthy Papers.
Hot Press Bright
Lois Greenfield
"I finally have a real black and vibrant colors with a fine art paper"
Hot Press Natural
David Lynch
"The feel of this paper is incredible and the image that pops off is kind of a dream"
Cold Press Bright
Matthew Jordan Smith
"With the amazing tones and texture I've finally found my home with a paper"
Cold Press Natural
Vincent Versace
"This is by far the best cotton based textured paper I have ever printed on"
Epson Velvet Fine Art
Art Wolfe
"The overall quality and surface makes many of my prints feel more like paintings"