Epson Stylus Pro 7900|9900 proofing edition printer specifications Epson Stylus Pro 7900|9900 Proofing Edition Series Detailed Specs

Base Technologies

The Epson Proofing Edition Series are based upon the
standard Epson Stylus Pro 7900 (24") and 9900 (44").
See main product brochure for more details.
The RIP is an Epson modified version of the
Colorproof XF version 4.5 platform developed by EFI.

Base Printing Technology

Advanced MicroPiezo TFP print head with ink repelling coating technology
10-channel, drop-on-demand, ink jet print head
11-cartridge configured as:
O, G, C, Lc, VM, VLm, Y, Lk, LLk + PK or MK
Auto head alignment and cleaning technology
Auto sharing black ink channel
Professional-level pigment-based ink technology

EFI Server System Requirements

Minimum Processor 2 Ghz Intel® Core 2 Duo
Memory 4 GB
Hard Disk (C:) 500GB (a fast 1TB drive recommended)
Operating System Windows 7, Windows XP or secondarily Windows 2003/2008 server or Macintosh OS 10.7.x

EFI Client System Requirements

Windows 7, XP & Vista
Macintosh 10.5.x or later

Optional SpectroProofer (24/44)

Carriage mechanism 24" or 44" wide
Spectrophotometer X-Rite ILS20EP
Measurement accuracy Below 0.50 dE94
Minimum patch size 7 mm x 15 mm
Measurement time 15 patches per second
UV handling UV and UV-cut version available (at time of order)
Backing color White and black backing plates included
Media Thickness Up to 18 point (0.45 mm)
Temperature Sensor Both internal & external temperature readings
Workflow integration Fully supported by the Epson Proofing Edition Series.

Print Engine SpeedA

Print Mode 20" x 30" 40" x 60"
Fine - 720 dpi HS* 5:03 7:14
SuperFine - 1440 dpi HS* 6:39 12:52
SuperPhoto - 2880 dpi HS* 12:52 40:05


SP7900 54"(W) x 27"(D) x 48"(H)
Weight: 187 lb
SP9900 74"(W) x 27"(D) x 48"(H)
Weight: 256 lb
Dimensions and weight include printer stand

What's in the Box?

Epson Stylus Pro 7900 or 9990 Printer; EFI Colorproof XF 4.5 RIP for Epson; a full starter set of 110 ml ink cartridges; one 24" full roll of Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240; power cables; standard Epson printer drivers and documentation.

Products and Accessory Part Numbers

Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Proofing Edition SP7900EFI
Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Proofing Edition SP9900EFI
Additional Proofing Edition Printer License PEX900EAC
Epson SpectroProofer 24"
(SP7900 only)
Epson SpectroProofer 24" UV
(SP7900 only)
Epson SpectroProofer 44"
(SP9900 only)
Epson SpectroProofer 44" UV
(SP9900 only)
Additional Roll Media Adapters C12C811241
Replacement Printer Cutter Blade C12C815331
Replacement Ink Maintenance Tank C12C890191
Automatic Take-up Reel System
(SP9900 only)
Replacement 44" Take-up Reel Core C815121

Extended Service Programs

Additional One-year Epson Preferred
Plus Service
Additional Two-year Epson Preferred
Plus Service
Additional One-year Epson Preferred
Plus Service (SpectroProofer Only)

Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink

Ink Cartridge (150 ml) (350 ml) (700 ml)
Photo Black T642100 T596100 T636100
Cyan T642200 T596200 T636200
Vivid Magenta T642300 T596300 T636300
Yellow T642400 T596400 T636400
Light Cyan T642500 T596500 T636500
Vivid Light Magenta T642600 T596600 T636600
Light Black T642700 T596700 T636700
Matte Black T642800 T596800 T636800
Light Light Black T642900 T596900 T636900
Orange T642A00 T596A00 T636A00
Green T642B00 T596B00 T636B00
A Based upon print engine speed only. Total throughput times depend upon front-end RIP CPU Speed, file size, printer resolution, ink coverage, networking, etc. Typical proofing will be printed at 1,440 x 1,440 dpi HS.