Options & Accessories for the SureColor F2000 Production Edition

Additional One-year Epson Preferred Plus Service

This plan extends the existing 1-year on-site SureColor F2000 repair limited warranty to two (2) years from the original product purchase date. This 1-Year extended service plan must be purchased while the product is covered under the standard 1-year warranty. Coverage with this option will expire two (2) years from the original product purchase date. Coverage may be extended at time of purchase (twostacked) or added each year for a maximum of 3 total years of coverage from the date of original purchase.

Part Number: EPPSCF2KB1 

Optional Sleeve Platen (4" x 4")

This is a smaller platen used for imaging on garment sleeves

Part Number: C12C891191 

Optional Extra Small Garment Platen (7" x 8")

This is a smallest standard platen useful for infant apparel and small imaging areas

Part Number: C12C932131 

Optional Small Garment Platen (10" x 12")

This is a small platen useful for children's apparel and other small size needs

Part Number: C12C890913 

Additional Medium Garment Platen (14" x 16")

This is the same platen that ships with each printer. It is made available as an option for replacement purposes

Part Number: C12C890912 

Optional Medium Grooved Garment Platen (14" x 16")

This platen has a center groove to handle zippers and an upper recess for Polo style shirt collars

Part Number: C12C932151 

Optional Large Platen (16" x 20")

This is the largest platen available.

Part Number: C12C890911 

Printer Maintenance Kit

Maintaining the print head cleaning cap is essential for ensuring long-term reliability of the print head. This simple maintenance should be completed using only the specific components of the kit: plastic gloves, cleaning liquid, plastic cup, small tip swabs and medium tip swabs. One kit is included with the printer. It is recommended to have a spare kit on hand.

Part Number: C13T736200 

Print Head Cleaning Kit

This kit consists of replacement components for items specific to maintenance of the print head. Parts included are; the print head fabric wiper, print head capping station, and the print head flushing pad. Required use of these replacement items is based on actual usage of the printer. The life remaining status is easily monitored from the printer’s LCD control panel.

Part Number: C13S092001 

Pre-Treatment Fluid (20 Liter)

Mixed 1-to-1 with distilled water yields 40 liters of fluid. The pre-treatment fluid can be applied by rolling, airless sprayer, or pre-treatment machine. Pre-treatment application to a garment is required prior to use of UltraChrome DG White Ink.

Part Number: C13T736100 

Printer Air Filter

User replaceable Air Filter.

Part Number: C13S092021