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Improve home safety with customized labels.

Print durable, customized labels for home safety and visibility purposes with the LabelWorks Safety Label Kit from Epson®. With this quick and easy-to-use label printer, you can create labels that help make your home safer. No more confusion over what pills to take when you can clearly identify pill containers and medicine bottles with personalized labels. The babysitter won’t miss the emergency contact number with a label on the fridge. That confusing electrical panel can finally be organized with clearly labeled switches for each room in the house. Alert others with recycling bin labels, “Caution! Hot water” labels and thermostat regulation labels. Reflective labels on bike helmets and strollers help protect you and your family while glow-in-the-dark labels let you find emergency supplies and first aid kits fast, even if they're stored in the dark utility closet. Over 300 symbols mean you can truly customize your labels to every need. And, with a variety of tapes available, such as glow-in-the-dark (included), reflective (included), fluorescent and strong-adhesive tapes, it’s easy to get just the right label, whatever your purpose.

Model: C51CB70200

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Key Features

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  • Convenient — printing labels that help make your home safer is fast and easy
  • Versatile — create personalized labels for every safety measure in the home; choose from a variety of labels available including glow-in-the-dark, reflective and fluorescent
  • Stay safe — reflective labels on bikes and strollers; glow-in-the-dark labels for emergency supplies in dark storage rooms
  • Clearly communicate — "caution" labels alert others to water, thermostat and heat settings
  • Stay organized — clearly label all pill containers and medicine bottles
  • Durable — industrial-strength labels you can depend on
  • Customize — over 300 symbols let you print exactly what you need
  • Full featured — kit includes label printer, 2 tape cartridges for instant, customized labels, and carrying case which also holds 6 AA-sized batteries (not included) and an optional AC adapter (not included)

What's in the Box

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  • LW-400 Label Printer
  • 12 mm (~½") Glow-in-the-dark cartridge
  • 18 mm (~¾") Black on Silver (Reflective) cartridge
  • User’s Guide
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