Rear Projection Wide Lens

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Epson's Rear Projection Wide Lens (ELPLR03) is an interchangeable lens that works with the PowerLite Pro G Series projectors.

Throw ratio:
XGA: 0.77
WXGA: 0.76
WUXGA: 0.76
Screen Sizes: 30" – 200"
Zoom Ratio: N/A
Focal Length: 12.76mm
F-Number: 2.03

For the most accurate values, please use Epson's Throw Distance Calculator

Rear Projection Wide Lens

The Epson Pro G Lens Comparison

Throw Ratio

Rear Projection
Short Throw Standard Middle-Throw
Zoom #1
Zoom #2
Zoom Ratio 1.0x 1.2x 1.82x 1.53x 1.53x 1.36x
Throw Ratio (4:3) 0.77 0.65-0.79 1.29-2.35 2.34-3.56 3.49-5.34 5.26-7.12
Throw Ratio (16:10) 0.76 0.64-0.77 1.26-2.3 2.2-3.42 3.18-5.03 4.71-6.65

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