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Take your vision to color perfection.

Getting colors to match between devices can be a challenge. Instead of wasting ink, paper and time with trial and error color correction, enjoy the benefits of precise color right away with ColorMunki Photo, the software and hardware color control solution. ColorMunki Photo calibrates your monitors, projectors and printers, so the color you see on screen is the color you get in print — every time.

Intuitive RGB and CMYK printer profiling technology delivers a high quality profile and optimizes images for specific colors, black & white, and flesh tones. And, with AppSet™, ColorMunki Photo software integrates your photo and design applications including Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, Adobe InDesign® CS3 / 4, QuarkXPress® 8, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4 and more.

Confidently share your images with X-Rite ColorMunki DigitalPouch. Simply drag and drop them into the pouch, "zip" it up, and send. The recipient doesn't need any special software; they'll be able to view the images with your embedded profiles, so you can be assured your client sees colors as you've intended them.

Whether you work on a Mac or PC, ColorMunki Photo software and hardware solution will help take your photos from screen to print accurately, simply and affordably. The world will see your work exactly the way you want them to be seen.


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Key Features

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  • All-in-One Spectrophotometer — the only device required to measure colors and profile monitors, projectors and printers, and a protective bag that doubles as an integrated monitor holder is included
  • Seamless software — the included Photo ColorPicker provides an intuitive interface for color palette building and verification, and DigitalPouch offers ViewSafe™ capabilities ensuring color confidence when sharing images with clients
  • Monitor and Projector Profiling — calibrate and profile monitors, so the colors seen on screen are the same colors seen in print, and advanced mode allows optimization of display luminance. ColorMunki technology also provides fast, accurate projector profiles, so images shown on the big screen to clients, family and friends can be seen with color confidence
  • RGB and CMYK Printer Profiling — simply scan one test chart and ColorMunki automates the profile settings, for the best photographic output, and can optimize the profile based on specific colors, black & white and flesh tones. And, PrintSafe™ checking capabilities allow color palette preview under different lighting sources. Plus, palettes can be automatically synchronized to Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 Macintosh, InDesign® CS4 Macintosh or Windows, QuarkXpress®, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X4, or Corel® Painter™X or can be imported into any photo and design applications.1
  • Communicate Effortlessly — Share work quickly and easily with DigitalPouch, a self-executable application that allows for color managed viewing of your images. Simply drag and drop the images you want to transport into the pouch, "zip" it up and send. The receiver doesn't need to own or install any special software. They'll be able to view the images with the embedded profiles. DigitalPouch files are even cross-platform independent, so you can send the same file to Windows or Macintosh users, and the color results will match.
  • Interactive Training At Your Fingertips — included training modules give easy-to-follow instructions for calibrating and printing with ease, display-to-print matching, projector and printer profiling and much more

What's in the Box

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  • Black ColorMunki spectrophotometer
  • ColorMunki profiling software
  • ColorMunki Photo ColorPicker and DigitalPouch software
  • Interactive Training DVD
  • ColorMunki protection bag / monitor holder
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB power cord
  • An end user license agreement (EULA) allowing a single user the ability to install and run unlimited installations of ColorMunki software on any number of computers that he/she owns.1
1 See Specifications Page for Notes.