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Printing precision. Complete color control.

Ideal for agencies, corporate in-house and freelance designers, ColorMunki Design is the solution for designing with any color from the visible spectrum. Select colors from Pantone® PMS and Goe™ libraries or capture spot colors from just about any surface, plus preview out-of-gamut by paper type. ColorMunki Design includes color control functions for calibrating displays, projectors and printers with a fully integrated all-in-one device. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing color quality.


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Key Features

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  • All-in-One Spectrophotometer — puts the world of spectral color at your fingertips, so you can easily capture colors and calibrate all your monitors, printers and projectors, and a protective bag that doubles as an integrated monitor holder is included
  • ColorMunki Design Palette Creation — versatile software that lets you do it all: grab colors from essentially anywhere, jump from palette to palette — whether it's your own custom palette or a built-in library such as Pantone — evaluate colors under different light sources, search colors by theme words and much more
  • Communicate Effortlessly — automatically synchronize palettes to Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign® and QuarkXpress®, or export to your favorite design and photo applications, add colors from your OS picker and view color data in LAB, CMYK and sRGB
  • Calibrate with Ease — design goes from inspiration to screen to print without sacrificing quality. With both easy and advanced modes for LCD and laptop displays, you don't need to be a color expert, though if you want control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements, you can manage as much as you'd like.
  • Optimized Printer Profiling — makes sure the color you see on your display is the color you get when you print. New RGB and CMYK printer calibration technology delivers outstanding, high-quality printer profile quality. Simply scan one test chart and ColorMunki automates the printer profile settings so you can achieve the best output for your design work.
  • Projector Calibration — gives you fast and accurate projector profiles, so you can show your designs on the big screen to clients, family and friends with color confidence.

What's in the Box

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  • White ColorMunki spectrophotometer
  • ColorMunki profiling software
  • ColorMunki ColorPicker
  • ColorMunki protection bag / monitor holder
  • Quick Start Guide and USB power cord
  • An end user license agreement (EULA) allowing use of the software on up to three computers.1
1See Specifications Page for Notes.