AP-60 Projector Sound Solution

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Education Price Available

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Incredible sound enhancement. Easy installation.

With the Epson AP-60, it's easy to enhance the learning experience. This affordable projector sound solution offers everything you need to captivate any audience. With four speakers and 60 W of sound (30 W x 2 channels), it's ideal for virtually any classroom or boardroom. With the included infrared (IR) wireless microphone, it allows the teacher to be heard throughout the room. The AP-60 is sure to engage every student and optimize the level of retention. The AP-60 offers remarkable clarity and relieves vocal strain. It supports up to two IR microphones, as well as other audio devices. (And, it's easy to install with any new or existing mounted projector.) The AP-60 includes connectivity and a remote control that also operates Epson projectors. It makes sound enhancement easy and affordable, providing an innovative way to create a dynamic presentation environment.

SKU: V12H329020

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Key Features

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  • Sound that fills the room — four speakers and 60 W of sound (30 W x 2 channels) makes it easy to engage any audience
  • Fully integrated solution — includes everything necessary to provide a quality sound solution
  • Optimized for voice enhancement — allows everyone in the room to easily hear and understand the presenter
  • Customizable setup for any environment — make front/rear balance adjustments to direct the sound toward your audience
  • Makes it easy to enhance the presenter's voice — includes a wireless IR pendant microphone (supports up to 2); works with an iPod or MP3 player
  • Added audio support, including audio out — supports multiple audio inputs and one audio output; connect other audio equipment for easy sound enhancement
  • Easy installation — can be installed with new or existing projector mounts using standard, 1.5" projector mounting equipment
  • Incredible sound quality — includes anti-feedback and distortion noise reduction features