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Education Projectors

Ineractive projectors in the classroom

Interactive Projectors

Engage the entire classroom with the pen or finger touch enabled interactive projector designed to share lessons from computers, iOS and Android devices, or no device at all.

Document Cameras in the classroom

Document Cameras

Display books, documents and 3D objects with these valuable classroom accessories.

Ineractive projectors in the classroom

Classroom Projectors

Budget-friendly classroom projectors provide quick and simple setup tools while advanced networking classroom projectors include features such as premium audio and wireless moderator display controls.

Document Cameras in the classroom

Large Room Projectors

Advanced projectors with robust wireless security for larger meeting rooms and lecture halls with ambient light.

Ineractive projectors in the classroom

Large Venue Projectors

Large venue installation projectors provide the highest brightness combined with many advanced features, including power lenses and dual lamps on some models.

Document Cameras in the classroom

Ultra-Portable Projectors

Lightweight, thin, and bright mobile projectors that are quick and simple to set up anywhere.

Featured Video: Color Brightness

The Color Brightness specification provides a new way to compare projectors. Learn more about Color Brightness and how it's one of the most important things to look at when buying a projector.

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Education Projector Accessories

Education peripherals such as sound enhancement systems or speakers


Education peripherals, such as sound enhancement systems, carts, mounts and other essential accessories allow you to get the most from your Epson projectors.

Featured Blog: 20 Fun Ways to Start the School Day Using Your Document Camera

Read about the many different ways a document camera can be used to provide a dynamic learning environment and create more interactive and enjoyable lessons.

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