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High-performance color printing for small-to-medium enterprise business

Professional Color Printing—Without Costly Lasers

When business buyers or specifiers are considering options for color printing, it's helpful to understand what to evaluate for workgroups that produce high volumes of color documents or have specialized needs. Whether upgrading from legacy color lasers or investing in new color printing solutions, Epson workgroup color printers can help achieve fast, professional and cost-effective results.

The new WorkForce® Pro 5000 series is designed for demanding workgroups. The printers offer heavy duty reliable performance with low running costs plus IT features for networked security in wired and wireless environments. Powered by PrecisionCore™—Epson's innovative printing technology—the WorkForce Pro 5000 series delivers Performance Beyond Laser™ for professional quality business documents.

Compare Epson Business Printers to Color Lasers

Learn about the latest color printing trends transforming workgroup productivity. And, read more about how Epson workgroup printers measure up on key features vs. color lasers.

Epson Single-Function Network Printers
Epson Single-Function Network Printers

Epson workgroup color printers offer built-for-business reliability and productivity that help offices reduce their color printing costs vs. running costs of comparable single function color lasers. Achieve per-page color printing costs as low as 4¢1. New 5000 Series models with PrecisionCoreprinting technology deliver Performance Beyond Laser.

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Epson Multifunction Network Printers
Epson Multifunction Network Printers

These cost-efficient color multifunction printers can lower printing costs up to 50 percent vs. color lasers2. High-yield cartridges, large-capacity paper handling, automatic 2-sided printing, and high monthly duty cycle make these suitable for high volume workgroup color printing. New 5000 Series models are powered by PrecisionCore printing technology for Performance Beyond Laser.

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Epson Wide-Format Network Printers
Epson Wide-Format Network Printers

These 13" x 19" simplex or duplex wide-format printers save up to 40% on color printing compared to color lasers3. New models with PrecisionCore printing technology deliver Performance Beyond Laser for fast, print-shop-quality borderless documents.

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Epson WorkGroup Color Printers vs. Color Lasers

Learn how businesses can improve their productivity and their bottom lines. View these five Epson One-Minute Advisor videos below to see how Epson WorkForce Pro C Series printers compare to color lasers on key factors.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership for a color printer includes the initial hardware purchase price and running costs of cartridges. With high-yield XXL Epson cartridges, only available for WorkForce Pro C Series printers, businesses can drive down the cost of color printing while getting professional quality output.

Reduce Color Printing Costs

Outsourcing color print jobs or even printing in-house with color lasers may not be cost effective. Between laser cartridges and the initial hardware cost, color laser printing can cost twice as much as printing with an Epson C series workgroup color printer.

Increase Color Printing Reliability

Find out how reliable workgroup color printing can be with the WorkForce Pro C Series' unsurpassed 3-year limited warranty, high monthly duty cycle and paper path designed to be jam-free.

Fewer Interventions

Less frequent replenishment of color printing supplies means less hassle and less workgroup downtime. Larger paper capacity and higher yield color cartridges vs. comparable color lasers help minimize interventions and maximize printing productivity when using a C Series WorkForce Pro color printer.

Conserve Resources

Conserve resources: save energy and money. Fuser-less printing technology uses up to 70% less energy than color lasers. The duplexer is standard with WorkForce Pro color printers; save up to 50% on paper with automatic 2-sided printing.

Outstanding Color Print Quality and Productivity

Workgroups using networked WorkForce Pro printers can print on virtually any media—including card stock, label sheets and envelopes—with uncompromising quality. Designed for time-saving operation, all WorkForce Pro models are also mobile-ready with Epson Connect.

These two Epson One-Minute Advisor videos below highlight how Epson WorkForce Pro C Series printers deliver color accuracy and enhanced workgroup productivity.

Enduring Color Quality

Color accuracy is one way to measure image quality. Epson's award-winning printing technology with its patented ultra fine micro control manages the amount of color applied to the page. This results in laser-sharp text and brilliant color, even on plain paper. Plus, using genuine Epson cartridges results in professional color output that is smudge, fade and water-resistant.

Improve Productivity

Using the right color printer for the business can help improve productivity. With the WorkForce Pro C Series, print from iPad®, iPhone®, tablets and smartphones4, plus benefit from the World's Fastest5 automatic two-sided print speed compared to other printers in their class.

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  1. With model B-510DN. Cost per page is the combined cost of black and three colors, derived from the cartridge MSRP divided by cartridge yield. Cartridge yields are based on continuous printing of a suite of five black and color pages as required by ISO / IEC 24712. Actual yields will vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one cartridge color. A variable amount of ink remains in the cartridges after the "Replace cartridge" signal. Part of the ink from the first cartridges is used for priming the printer. Ink is used for both printing and print head maintenance. All inks are used for both black and color printing. For more information about yields, see
  2. Compared with best-selling color laser printers priced at $699 (USD) or less, based on NPD data, March 2013 – February 2014. Calculation based on continuous printing with highest-capacity cartridges. Actual savings will vary based on print task and use conditions.
  3. Compared with best-selling, color multifunction laser printers priced at $499 (USD) or less, as of June 2013. Calculation based on continuous printing with highest capacity cartridges. Actual savings will vary based on print task and use conditions.
  4. Most features require an Internet connection to the printer, as well as an Internet- and/or email-enabled device. See for a list of Epson Connect enabled printers and compatible devices and apps.
  5. Fastest in its class; printing black text in default, two-sided mode, in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Compared to best-selling inkjet multifunction printers priced at $700 or less, as of November 2012, based on manufacturers' rated ISO speeds.
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