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Success Stories

Looking Pro From Home

Suzanne Klee uses Automatic Two-Sided Printing to develop high-quality sales materials for her clients on the fly.

Kien Goes Big
Kien Tsoi Goes Big

Kien needs to create professional level wide-format presentations, signage and collateral without disrupting the flow of a productive day.

WorkForce Solution
Location, Location, Location

Sherri Noel uses Remote Printing to help her stay one step ahead of the competition and in step with her customers.

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Case Videos

Epson in Action
for Real Estate

Looking Pro From Home
Suzanne Klee keeps up with the evolving market from her home office.

Wide Format in Action
Kien Tsoi taps into the power of wide-format printing to make a bigger splash.

Printing From the Road
Sherri Noel uses Epson Connect Remote Printing and never breaks stride.

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How-To Guides


  • Step1
    Create Your Design

    Not a designer? Don't worry - many easy-to-personalize design templates are available online from Epson, Microsoft®, Avery®, and more. Pick one that easily fits your requirements and a color scheme that works well with your logo.

  • Step2
    Add Text and Visuals

    Add your images, text and logos. To minimize the 'bleed through' look, place similar sized images back to back on each side of the brochure. Avoid large fields of color, and be sure to maintain a clear margin of at least 1/8" around the edges.

  • Step3
    Select Your Paper

    Automatic two-sided printing works great with plain paper. If you want to print on thicker matte media, print in two steps. Print the less dense side first and then flip the paper over to print the 2nd side.

  • Step4
    Set Your Print Driver

    Go to "Page Layout" in your WorkForce print driver. Turn on 'Two-Sided printing'. If you are printing a folded brochure, select 'Short-Edge binding'. Try a test run with one brochure to make sure everything's lined up when you fold it.

  • Step5
    Fold and Finish

    For cleaner folds, hold a ruler down where you want the fold, then run something along the ruler to score the paper. The corner of a credit card works great. Now, you have a professional quality brochure.

  • Step1
    Create Your 13"x 19" Document

    Make it stand out! Use large, bold type and vibrant colors. Avoid the edges of your sign and try not to "over-design". Just present the facts quickly, clearly and concisely so that it is readable from a distance.

  • Step2
    Bypass the "Creative Block"

    If you're out of ideas, or out of time, no worries. You can find templates for Wide Format signs in the Epson Creative Zone. Just pick the one that suits your needs the best and fill in the details.

  • Step3
    Load the Right Paper

    We recommend loading your WorkForce Wide Format Printer with Epson Premium Presentation Paper in 13" X 19". Perfect for big, bold attention-grabbing signs.

  • Step4
    Print Your Signs

    Open your print window and select the appropriate Media Type, Paper Source and Print Quality for your document. Press 'Print' and your signs are on their way.

  • Step5
    Make Sure the World Can See

    At 13" x 19", your signs will outshine conventional 11" x 17" signs. Be sure to post them on the inside of a window in a clear, conspicuous place at eye
    level, and ideally away from
    other signs or distractions.

  • Step1
    Activate an Email Address
    for your WorkForce Printer

    New Epson WorkForce Printers can have their own unique email address, enabling you to print from your mobile device. Go to to get started

  • Step2
    Go! Be Free!

    Roam anywhere your business takes you. As long as you have internet access on your device, you will be able to email your documents right to your WorkForce Printer.

    Most features require an internet connection to the printer as well as an internet and/or email enabled device.

  • Step3
    Email Your Printer

    Attach the documents or photos to your email. Then, send them to the email address you set up for your Epson WorkForce Printer.

  • Step4
    Print from Anywhere

    Your Epson WorkForce Printer automatically prints out your photos, contracts, brochures, etc. as you go about your business without missing a beat.

  • Step5
    Grab and Go

    Stop by the office, grab your prints off the printer, then get back to what you were doing. Just like that!

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Real Estate Resources

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