Wireless FAQ #00381c

What information do I need to install the Artisan or WorkForce on my wireless network?
Youíll need to know the following:
  • Network name (SSID)
    (This is the name of the wireless network that is set up on your router or access point)

  • WEP Key or Passphrase
    (This is the network security password)
This information is stored in your networkís router, and may have been entered when the router was first set up. If you donít have this information, contact the person who set up your network before you begin. You may also be able to log onto the router from your computer and check its setup screens. See your routerís instruction manual for details.

You should also write down whether the WEP key is in ASCII or hexadecimal format. If the WEP key is 5 or 13 characters, itís ASCII. If itís 10 or 26 characters, itís hexadecimal. If your router gives you a choice of WEP keys to use, note which one is currently active. Usually the first WEP key is active, unless youíve selected a different one. If your passphrase contains upper- or lowercase letters, be sure to note them correctly. The printer supports the following wireless security modes: WEP 64, WEP 128, and WPA-PSK.

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