Wireless FAQ #00381e

What should I do if I see the message "The combination of IP address and subnet mask is invalidĒ?
Try the following solutions:
  • If your router or access point is set to assign IP addresses using DHCP, try setting the printerís IP address setting to Auto.

  • If you want to manually configure the printerís IP address, click Change when you see the Current IP Address Status screen and enter the IP address and subnet mask.

  • Make sure your computer is connected to your wireless router or access point. See your router or access pointís documentation for details.

  • Set a unique IP address for your printer. All IP addresses are written in four segments of numerical values. The last segment must be set to a unique number (between 1 and 254). When the router is a set to assign IP addresses using DHCP, set the printerís IP address to a value that doesnít conflict with the IP address range assigned by the DHCP server.

    For example:
    IP address of your router or access point: IP address of your printer: For the subnet mask, is normally used for small-scale networks (all devices on your network should use the same subnet mask). Also, when a gateway value is set, use the same value as the IP address for your wireless router or access point.
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